If you love Japanese culture, then you need to watch the top ten anime movies ever. The following picks of the top ten anime movies of all time really define what it means to be an amazing anime movie. With amazing art, awesome stories, and some of the best animation you'll ever see, these are truly deserving to be on the list of the top ten anime movies of all time.

  1. "Akira". This is easily one of the top anime movies of all time. This anarchical story of a war is a neon-splashed Tokyo rife with psychics and bike gangs is a sure hit. It also happens to be one of the bloodiest picks on this list.

  2. "My Neighbor Totoro". This is a childhood fantasy reminiscent of the best Disney films, and easily one of the best anime movies ever. Two young girls enlist the help of capricious forest spirits to help them cope with their mother's terminal illness in this heartwarming tale.

  3. "Grave of the Fireflies". Easily one of the best anime movies that shows World War II from the oft-ignored Japanese viewpoint. Two children struggle to survive amidst the bombing raids in this amazing tear-jerker.

  4. "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie". Based on one of the best anime series ever, this is an amazing film that takes the series canon into a whole new direction. Even if you never saw the source material, you'll love the bombastic action, sick soundtrack, and stellar production values.

  5. "Spirited Away". Another film from mastermind Hayao Miyazaki, this is one of the best anime movies ever because it pleases audiences from every generation. A young girl must work in a bath-house for spirits in order to rescue her parents from a grueling fate in this terrific tale full of magic and wonder.

  6. "The End of Evangelion". One of the trippiest anime movies ever, this was the series creator sticking his middle finger to the entire fanbase of the series. Still, you get amazing action, tons of religious symbolism, and all of your favorite characters dying in the most horrendous methods possible!

  7. "Ghost In The Shell". This cyber-punk anime movie plumbs the mind and makes you ponder on the divide between man and machine in an amazingly-realized future. Combine this with amazing fight scenes and some gorgeous characters and you get one of the top anime movies ever!

  8. "Perfect Blue". This hyper-sexualized thriller is perfect for fans of the movie "Black Swan." Voice actresses struggle for fame and legitimacy in this highly-stylized look at the quest towards stardom that is sure to make you double-check the locks on your door before you turn in at night.

  9. "Ninja Scroll". If you love stylish ninja action and almost brutal sexuality, then this is one of the top anime movies for you. Amazing characters, gorgeous fight scenes, and tons of the red stuff we all know and love, this is a sure hit!

  10. "Tokyo Godfathers". Three homeless people find a baby around the holidays and decide to put its needs before their's in this heartwarming tale. Equal parts hilarious and touching, this is definitely one of the most endearing anime movies of all time.