Here are the top anime movies of all time. Anime is a genre of film that never seems to have limits. They range from fun family movies and children’s entertainment to dark and twisted films that make you think and jump at shadows.

  1. "Akira" – This is perhaps the greatest anime movie ever made. "Akira" had everything: explosions, physics, futuristic technology, love, a broken friendship, a seemingly unbeatable foe, and a reluctant hero.

  2. "Princess Mononoke" – There is a lesson well worth learning in this fantastic anime movie classic. Don’t mess with nature. The brave prince seeking a way to save his village and the fiery wolf princess joining forces to protect their prospective worlds became an instant classic and the end will leave everyone thinking.

  3. "Howl’s Moving castle" – This is a fantastic anime movie adventure about a young woman cursed into an old crone’s body and her journey to return to herself. She is aided by a wizard whose home is a giant flying castle. Their love story is a classic tale.

  4. "Kiki’s Delivery Service" – This is a classic anime movie about the struggle for independence and discovering happiness for young women. It was meant for young women in Japan but speaks to young women in every culture.

  5. "Ghost in the Shell" – There are a lot of things that fall under the title of this great anime movie. Two movies, OVAS, televisions series, manga, and an incredible soundtrack make up the ultimate collection. "Ghost in the Shell" forces viewers to face the question, what makes a person human?

  6. "Spirited Away" – The highest grossing film in the history of Japan, it tells the story of a young girl whose family has just moved into a new home and town. The young girl becomes separated from her family and has her own adventures in the spirit world before reuniting with her parents.

  7. "Blood: The Last Vampire" – One of the most original takes on vampires in years, the anime may be short but it’s enthralling. Gorgeous animation and fluid motion carry the unbelievable action scenes as a young woman battles vampires with a samurai sword.

  8. "Grave of the Fireflies" – This is a breathtaking story of a young brother and his younger sister's battle to survive during the Kobe firebombings during World War II. It’s a tragic story of love and the cost of war and will leave anyone who watches it in tears as they see the ashes in the candy tin at the end of the movie. It is a must see anime movie.

  9. "Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade" – This anime movie takes place in a Japan conquered by Germany in the 1950s, and it is a terrifyingly modern and realistic update on the story of the Littl Red Riding Hood. A member of the secret police falls for the sister of a terrorist he killed and what follows is a twisted attempt to understand loyalty and love and the way of the world.  

- Rachel Fischer