If you love Japanese animation, you must know the top anime movies of all time. Since the creators have done an excellent job, you can look forward to enjoying these beautiful stories along with their stunning graphics and sounds.

  1. "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" This anime movie is about Laputa, a floating city that fascinates many people. A young girl named Sheeta accidentally encounters a young miner boy named Pazu while floating in the sky with her magic pendant. Coincidently, Pazu has read about Laputa and now he can’t wait to find the floating city. Since it has been proven by an old miner that the magic pendant is a precious stone, the evil ruler Muska believes that Sheeta and her magic pendant must have something to do with Luputa. Once Pazu has learned that Sheeta has been captured by Muska, it will be an adventurous journey to save her.  

  2. "My Neighbor Totoro" This anime movie focuses on two sisters, ten-year-old Satsuki and four-year-old Mei, who are moving into an old house with their father in the countryside where their sick mother’s hospital is located. At first, the sisters have noticed there are plenty of dust bunnies inside the house. While Mei is playing outside, she encounters two interesting creatures and calls them Totoro. Her father then tells her that those creatures are the keeper of the forest. Whenever these sisters need help, Totoro and his friends will always be there for them.

  3. "Kiki’s Delivery Service" In this anime movie, no one will ever see thirteen-year-old Kiki as a typical teenager. In order to become a witch, Kiki must settle down in Koriko on her own. After leaving her parents’ home, the witch in-training witch starts her own delivery service with her broom. Her sidekick is her black cat, Jiji. All of a sudden, Kiki loses her magical powers. Thankfully, with her confidence and faith, she regains her flying ability by saving Tombo, a crazy boy who loves aviation and Kiki.

  4. "Spirited Away" This anime movie is about the ten-year-old Chihiro and her parents are moving to a new town. Upon their arrival, they run into an abandoned amusement park and her parents want to check it out. Suddenly, they are out of sight. On the way to find her parents, Chihiro encounters a boy named Haku who agrees to help her with her search. Chihiro has no idea that she has been manipulated by the dark side. Sadly speaking, she has to relinquish her name and take on the new name, “Sen.” Haku is also affected by the dark side through Sen as he transforms into a white dragon. After going through the challenges to break the spells, Chihiro is able to recover her original name and reunite with her parents safe and sound.

  5. "Grave of the Fireflies" This anime movie focuses on two orphaned children, preteen Seita and his younger sister Setsuko, who must struggle day after day for survival near the end of World War II in Japan. The siblings have to deal with the pain of losing their mother in a bombfire accident. In order to bring in food and supplies, Seita must sell his mother’s kimonos and withdraw all the leftover funds in her bank account. Although their distant aunt offers them shelter, she doesn’t really want them to stay. Reluctantly, they move out of her house and find an abandoned shelter. While staying at the shelter, Seita turns to stealing food from different places. Setsuko is gradually dying due to her long-term suffering of malnutrition. Seita passes away at the end.