The top 5 vampire Anime movies portray the famous nightstalkers in the Japanese art form of color and spectacle for fans' delight. Vampires in Anime movies are just as beautiful as they are lethal in these top notch productions. Anime is one of the grenres in movie entertainment that can mix fantastic characters like vampires into a compelling narrative. These vampire movies from the Anime genre show the bloody and horrific magnificence of these creatures who wander through the night to feast on mortals. Here are the top five vampire Anime movies:

  1. "Vampire Hunter D." A dark loner known only as D travels in a futuristic world where the supernatural rule the entire landscape. A young woman named Doris hires the hunter in order to rid herself of the curse from a regal vampire clan ruled by Count Magnus Lee. This classic Anime based on the graphic novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi about one man's quest to redeem the soul of one person against a horde of monsters.

  2. "Blood: The Last Vampire." Saya belongs to a covert team that hunts down and annihilate daemons and now goes undercover in Yokota Air Base located in Fussa-shi, Tokyo. Her investigation unmasks a couple of classmates as vampires and soon she becomes embroiled in a battle to save lives against the monsters that haunt the base. Hiroyuki Kitakubo directs this action packed Anime filled with blood soaked violence set on Halloween. 

  3. "Nightwalker: Eternal Darkness." The Nightbreed terrorizes mankind and it is up to Shido, part detective, part warrior, but all vampire to stop them. Shido is joined by a ghost, his secretary and a special police agent to battle in his war against the supernatural force. Internally, the hero also must contend with his mysterious sire, Kain, as well as the prophecies involving the Golden Dawn.

  4. "Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge." Ancient monsters of legend such as werewolves and vampires thrive in this alternate world. Their existence threatens all of humanity which leads to sword-wielding warrior to hunt down the forces of the Dark. This Anime movie is based on the fame fighting game from Capcom, "Darkstalkers."

  5. "Vampire Wars." Kousaburo Kuki is a master spy and criminal who works with the French Secret Service in defending a movie star, Miss Vindaw. A vampire now stalks Miss Vindaw and it is up to Kuki to prevent being overwhelmed by a blood thirsty horde. This violent, sex filled romp of an action horror Anime will satisfy any fans joy of vampires, hot babes, and bullets. 

-Eduardo Camacho