This article of the top five samurai anime movies is based on sales and opinion. What makes a top samurai movie to one person isn’t something another would enjoy. The basics of a samurai anime is the same: good animation, storyline and of course, samurai action. For movies the pickings are slim but anime never seems to disappoint. Check out these samurai anime movies for size.

  1. “Sword of a Stranger” 2008 Sochiku: This is hailed as one of the best anime of any genre ever produced but as a samurai anime, it holds the most acclaimed samurai fight every developed. Based on a Ronin who is haunted by his past, No Name (Nanashi) finds a new meaning to life when he befriends a young orphan (Kotaro). Making a new life for himself as a Ronin, however, is not easy and No Name must first settle the score with his past.

  2. “Samurai X: The Motion Picture” 1997 ADV Films: Based on the storyline from "Rurouni Kenshin OVA" (Original Video Animation), "Samurai X" is a movie about a man who want to overthrow the Meiji Government and his relationship with Kenshin. It is not part of the manga but an interesting side story nonetheless. One of the best scenes of samurai warfare appears in this film along with some fantastic animation.

  3. “Bleach: Memories of Nobody” 2006 Toho: An adaptation from the popular series "Bleach," this movie follows the Soul Reaper and his control of  the souls of dead samurais. Not all is well in this once tranquil place as darkness has invaded. The Souls Society must set things right. There is plenty of samurai action in this film as in the anime series. It is very humorous as well.

  4. “Ninja Scroll” 1993 Manga Entertainment: This old school samurai anime is all about the sword and the honor that goes with wielding one. The plot centers on gold and the greed that it develops. Greedy leaders and ninja clans clash over this gold in epic samurai battles. That is, until a ninja appears as foretold in the Ninja Scroll and puts an end to the battle once and for all.

  5. “Wrath of the Ninja” 1989 JC Staff: This movie is set in feudal Japan and centers on the demon warlord Oda Nobunaga' thirst for blood. He is on a rampage and is killing everything in his path. Only three mystical weapons from three different ninja clans can stop the demon warlord. A young samurai, Kasumi no Ayanosuke, who escapes the rage of Nobunaga sets out on a journey to reunite these weapons and take revenge on Nobunaga.