These top 5 anime songs are the hallmark of Japanese Animation, bringing fans of many generations together through beautiful art and musical composition.  The form encompasses many different styles, from gothic horror to light comedy and even serious reflection or introspection.  Musical accompaniment has always served to heighten emotion or add further laughs to a comedic event.

  1. "Project A-ko" - "Dance Away"  Dance Away plays during the height of the film, serving as a musical interlude illuminating the relationship between the physical powerhouse A-ko, the mental juggernaut B-ko, and C-ko, the girl that everyone loves.  This top anime song helps to knit together the feelings of the three lead girls as they explore their home city and serves as their last moments of fun before the alien invasion arrives.

  2. "Tenchi the Movie" - "Alchemy of Love"  Few songs serve as both a highlight and a recap of an entire movie.  Christopher Franke's "Alchemy of Love" shows that a top anime song has to both reach out emotionally and intellectually to its audience.  The song tells of an estranged love, like that of Lady Achika and her husband... Tenchi's father, Nobuyuki.  Tenchi and his friends must save this couple or else Tenchi will never be born.

  3. "Full Metal Alchemist" - "Motherland"  The end credits song of the third season, Motherland features the voice talent's of one of Japan's great black female singers, Crystal Kay.  This emotion-filled anime song reminds the viewer of the tragic fate of Winry Rockbell, one of the main characters of the saga, and her family's history with the State Alchemists.  Few songs can bring a tear to the eyes of a raving FMA otaku as easily as this haunting melody.

  4. "Ranma 1/2" - "I Can't Become a Gentle, Good Girl"  Not all top anime songs have to be deep and insightful.  This favorite title has a different name amongst fans.  They call it:  "The baka song."  Baka, in Japanese, refers to a stupid person.  The entire song consists of the story's female protagonist, Akane, berating her fiancee Ranma for his stupidity and outright foolishness.  Many a convention-goer knows the song by heart.

  5. "Akira" - "Requiem"  Geinoh Yamashirogumi's classic anime song from Akira tells the tale of the death at every stage of importance in the story.  It mourns the losses of Akira, Tetsuo and most of the inhabitants of Neo Tokyo.  The song incorporates the major themes of the rest of the film, including Kaneda's motorcycle rides and Tetsuo's rebellion.  Each line is perfectly crafted to retell the movie in song form, making Requiem the ultimate top anime song.