Oh the longing looks, the hidden glances, the utter sweetness of the top 5 Anime couples. While most anime is known for its dark and violent material, these 5 couples keep the love fires burning, in between epic battles of course.

  1. Ranma and Akane  - "Ranma 1/2" He's a 16 year old dude who can change his sex at will and has an odd fear of cats. She's the clumsy awkward tomboy in love with Ranma  Yes, only in anime does this sort of pairing make sense. But it does. And together they make one heck of a cute, if dysfunctional, anime couple.

  2. Naruto and Hinata - "Naturo" Much like the "Ranma" pairing, these two lovebirds show that opposites really do attract. Hinata is shy and retiring while Naruto is boisterious and loud, but they manage to save each other's butts repeatedly, so you know it's love. A match made in anime heaven.

  3. Inuyasha and Kagome - "Inyuyasha" Demon in training, Inuyasha falls in love, falls into a trap, and winds up in suspended animation for 50 years. Kagome is the girl who finally frees him from his imprisonment. Oh and she may or may not be the reincarnation of his ex-love. That's true love right there.

  4. Sousuke and Kaname - "Full Metal Panic" Kaname appears to be your averag high school girl, except of course this being an anime, she isn't. Instead, she has secret magic powers that attract the attention of terrorists. Sousuke is the bloke assigned to protect her and of course the fireworks start. It's "The Bodyguard" on acid.

  5. Meier Link and Charlotte - "Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust" He's undead, she's a privileged young lady. Oh the drama of it all! It's a mixture of passion and fangs when these two unite. Sure it ends in tragedy but what great romance doesn't?