There are top 10 love anime movies that every hopeless romantic should see. Whether you're a die hard anime fan, or just in love with being in love, these movies will touch your heart. Here are the the top Love Anime Movies:

  1. "Howl's Moving Castle" - One of the better known anime movies, "Howl" plays like a fairy tale. A young girl is cursed by a witch and must rely on a inexperienced wizard to save her. Romantic and beautifully animated, with a great dub, "Howl's Moving Castle" is an unexpected treat.

  2. "5 Centimeters Per Second" - Not your typical anime. This movie has three separate parts that show the relationship between a man and a woman during different periods in their life. Unexpectedly heartfelt as well as thought-provoking this is one love anime that you won't forget.

  3. "Summer Wars" - Science fiction and romance are fused together in this 2009 film. high school genius chases the girl of his dreams while using his math skills to save the world at the same time. A top love anime with enough creativity to spare.

  4. "The Place Promised in our Early Days" - A Japanese civil war and a threat to all existence is the catalyst for romance in this top love anime movie. A bittersweet anime with a great storyline.

  5. "Air" - A young man searches for a girl he heard about in a tale from his childhood in this 2005 film. During his travels he comes across a strange girl. Is this the one he's been searching for? A beautifully written love anime with a fantasy plot."

  6. "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" - It's "Quantum Leap" with a romantic twist when a girl discovers she has the ability to travel through time. However, this new found ability might lead to problems with the boy in love with her. A different kind of anime with a well-written premise.

  7. "Millennium Actress" - An aging actress tells her story of love and loss to a TV interviewer in this love anime movie from 2001. Not your typical anime fare but quite compelling. A must-see for any romance fan.

  8. "Voices of a  Distant Star" - A high school romance is torn asunder when a young man is sent away to fight martians. The story follows their love as the physical distance between them takes its toll on their relationship. Even the most non-romantic person would be touched by this sweet love story.

  9. "Princess Mononoke" - Curses, demons and sparring gods. Only in the anime universe can these elements be turned into a compelling love story. A classic love anime movie from 1997.

  10. "Origin: Spirits of the Past" - An apocalyptic future is the setting for this love anime. A wonderfully directed film with a haunting soundtrack. Although this movie may not be well known to American viewers, it is certainly worth a look.