Animation can scare adults as well as children nowadays so trigger the goosebumps with the top 10 horror anime movies. With storylines ranging from lab experiments to supernatural beings that aren't as scared of you as you are of them, anime has a deep well of frightening plots: Secure the snacks, turn down the lights and let these picks make you scared of the dark once more:

"Hellboy: Blood and Iron" 

When the ghosts do the bleeding and the harpies are actually scarier than you'd imagine bird women to be, then you have serious horror. A sarcastic hero and a great ensemble cast take this horror anime to the forefront. It's rare when supernatural faces off against supernatural and with Hellboy it lands every punch.

"The Rats of NIMH" 

Super intelligent lab rats take the creepy award as long as spiders and clowns are out of play. This horror anime isn't condescending to either adults or children as it keeps the scary quotient high and anthropomorphism believable. The murder scene alone is worthy of making it onto this list.

"Karas: The Prophecy" 

The stylistic direction and execution is impeccable. An indifferent sword toss has so many levels of meaning that it takes anime horror to a new height. Goosebumps are not spared by the way the demons take their sustenance for the sake of maintenance.

"Afro Samurai: Resurrection"

A lot of action doesn't distract from the horror of living life well past your expiration date. This movie doesn't bring closure so much as beat it to a pulp against a rock. A great tale of the deadly sin of "Pride".

"Vampire Hunter D" 

A great story with unpredictable twists, "Vampire Hunter D" pulls off anime horror but with style. Blood and chaos abound but don't cover for holes in the plot. No glitter or angst here, just one determined hybrid slayer who gives new meaning to no knowing your left hand from your right hand.

"Hellboy: Sword of Storms"

A terrific nod to the horror in folklore as Hellboy ventures into Japanese folklore and gets his head handed to him. The animation is spot on in conveying the look of the creatures and adding that spooky aesthetic. Faithful to the look and tone, this horror anime keeps it amusing and scary simultaneously.

"Karas: The Revelation": A sequel that isn't a money grab or something for the nephew of the director to do is a rare animal. The concept of demons weakening due to a lack of belief brings a beautiful desperation to the film. A bit disjointed in parts, "Karas: The Revelation" keeps it's style and story strong and worthy of the original.

"Princess Mononoke" 

A great horror film needs but one drop of blood instead of buckets of gore. This nature against industry holds enough horror that it mimics what is outside our window with ease and grace. Plenty of frightening moments, demons and spirits, and a realistic worry make this horror anime a classic.

"Dead Space: Downfall" 

Religion is no one's friend in this horror anime. Taking the classic isolation in space story and eliminating the often seen "buddy buddy" element, this film makes space downright angry with a homicidal bent. Summing up prior events that led to the video game, this animation is not just a servant to filling in the blanks as it gives new meaning to unfriendly work environment. The people come off real enough that you start to dislike even the protagonists and that makes a pleasant change for any horror anime.

"The Great Mouse Detective" 

Say what you will, and you will, but a bat with a peg leg is one of the scariest combinations of animal + handicap ever. The cupboard scene still pops in the mind and will startle me from out of the blue. A great moody anime that mixes horror with sleuthing which is fairly rare nowadays.

-Matthew Lagenfeld