Anime is a big part of Japanese pop culture, but its popularity extends well beyond the Japanese borders as these top 10 anime sites show. In Japan, popular Manga books are a favorite inspiration for developing anime movies for both children and adults. Likewise, anime movies like those produced by Hayao Miyazaki are based on common Japanese folk beliefs. In the world of anime series, however, creativity and adventure abound. The top anime sites listed here offer English-speaking fans the chance to enjoy their favorite movies, episodes, and series, as well as read Manga books and learn about trending news in the world of anime. If you’re looking for the best, most popular, or otherwise top anime sites, this list is for you. Here they are, in no particular order.

  1. This site provides a wide selection of anime episodes, as well as links where readers can find their favorite Manga books.

  2. For Bleach fans, this is one of the top anime sites around. It offers more than just Bleach episodes and news. Visitors can find Manga, movies, and episodes of some of the most popular anime.

  3. Watch the latest episodes of the most popular anime. You can also find hot new anime movie releases.

  4. As one of the top anime sites, Anime News Network not only offers featured episodes, but news about everything anime. There’s also an encyclopedia devoted to anime and a forum for anime fans.

  5. Reviews of various anime movies and series, as well as free online episodes of top anime can be found on this entry for top anime sites.

  6. You’ll need to translate this site to English if you are not fluent in Japanese. However, it is one of the largest social networks in Japan and a favorite for top anime sites to the youth in Japan. Think art school meets Facebook. Users consist of professional anime artists and young amateur enthusiasts. You can find videos, stills, manga, and artwork developed by professionals and youth working with studios or on their own. It’s the indy world of anime.

  7. Want to extend your interest in anime beyond just episodes and movies? This is the place to do it. is a monthly online magazine for anime fans. As one of the top anime sites, it offers news and reviews for all anime, as well as Manga.

  8. Here you can find anime shows and movies listed in alphabetical order, by genre, or by season. From Naruto to Shugo Chara, from Bleach to Tegami Bachi, you can find all the most popular episodes quickly and easily.

  9. Find plot summaries and episodes to help expand your choice of favorites. The site offers the most recent episodes, as well as a large collection of fixed episodes.

  10. Watch your favorite shows and movies, find out which anime hit the Top 100, or request episodes of your favorite anime if they aren’t already available. offers episodes for dozens of ongoing series.