This list of the top ten anime series offers a list of some of the most popular anime hits of all time, from recent hits such as "Naruto" to old favorites such as "Dragon Ball Z." No matter what type of anime you enjoy, you’ll be able to find a new series or two in this list of the top ten anime series.

  1. “Naruto.” “Naruto” is an animated series about a young ninja who aspires to become the ruler of his nation. He battles against other ninjas and beasts in pursuit of his goal of becoming the most powerful ninja ever.

  2. “Bleach.” Another popular series adapted from a widely-successful Manga, “Bleach” is another anime featuring a young teenage boy with bright hair. “Bleach” is the story of Kurosaki Ichigo and his pursuit of ridding evil spirits/beings from the world. He’s constantly training to become stronger than any other entity in the series and battles foes with the help of his allies.

  3. “Dragon Ball Z.” “DBZ” is a widely-successful enterprise that’s enjoyed various animated and motion picture adaptations. “DBZ” is the story of young Goku and his friends/family in their pursuit of ridding the Earth of evil. This anime isn’t limited to the confines of Earth, and also features battles in other realms.

  4. “Death Note.” “Death Note” is a mystery/murder animated series that deals with one young teenager's discovery of a notebook that will kill the person whose name it contains. Not only is this anime extremely suspenseful, but it deals with moral and class issues that adult audiences will enjoy.

  5. “Cowboy Bebop.” Another old favorite is this popular series hailing from Japan. “Cowboy Bebop” is the story of Spike and his pursuit of love, money and revenge. He makes his living as a space bounty hunter pursuing the most dangerous criminals in the universe.

  6. “Gundam.” The "Gundam" franchises have enjoyed success for many decades. This series continues to enjoy success with today’s audience. This series is based around opposing political group’s battles with large robots that are crafted after human warriors.

  7. “Inuyasha.” This series burst onto the scene in the U.S. and continues to enjoy success as a mainstream favorite for many fans today. “Inuyasha” is the story of a half human, half demon, who teams up with a young school girl to retrieve a jewel in which gives its user ample power. Not only does this anime feature plenty of action, but it also has plenty of romance involved too!

  8. “Yu Yu Hakusho.” Another older anime which still enjoys success is this old favorite. “Yu Yu Hakusho” is the story of a stuck-up boy who dies in a surprising act of self-sacrifice. After his death, he has to fight his way back to the real world by defeating various entities and demons.

  9. “Outlaw Star.” Another classic is this out-of-this-world outlaw favorite. “Outlaw Star” is the story of one man’s pursuit of an object which will make him both powerful and well-sought after by his enemies. He has to fight his way through various evil-doers while avoiding the law in order to seek what he’s after.

  10. Pokemon.” The most popular animated series of all-time, “Pokemon” is the story of a young trainer who uses pocket monsters to become the most powerful trainer in the Pokemon world. Through trial and error, relying on his friends and inner-strength, he’s about to capture what he’s really after.