Anime movies and shows are known for great stories, and especially romances. Even the action genre tends to have an epic romance or two, or even a love triangle. Anime is perfect for the adult fan, these aren't your average Saturday morning cartoons.

  1. "Sailor Moon" is probably one of the most popular anime romances. It centers around Sailor Moon and The Dark Mask, soul mates who are reincarnated in the future to save their people.

  2. "Glass Mask" is an anime that is loosely based on the story of Phantom of the Opera. It centers around a young girl who is being coached by a successful actress when she suddenly begins receiving roses from a secret admirer.

  3. "Love Love" is an anime romance that is definitely more realistic. It centers around the writer of a TV show who falls deeply in love with one of the actors.

  4. "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" is a science fiction romance surrounding high school girl. She survives a near death experience and develops the ability to jump through time, which she uses to avoid awkward moments with two boys who have feelings for her.

  5. "Romeo X Juliet" is a twist to the classic by Shakespeare. The circumstances surrounding the couple are changed, but they are every bit the doomed star crossed couple.

  6. "Angel Sanctuary" is a fantastic romance. It focuses on a brother and sister who secretly love each other. What they don't know is the brother is a reincarnated Angel and demons are searching for him.

  7. "Chobits" is a futuristic romance between a college age young man, and a highly advanced female robot. It follows his growing relationship with her after he finds her in a dumpster, eventually falling in love.

  8. "Air" is extremely dramatic both in story and visual effects. It's a very well done anime, and has a beautiful romance. Air is very much a fantasy romance.

  9. "Futari Ecchi" is based on a realistic relationship between two Japanese newlyweds. It presents interesting situations, particularly if you are not aware of Japanese culture.

  10. "Kemonozume" is a more realistic anime romance. It has hints of drama, romance, action, and comedy. It is beautifully done, and very entertaining. It follows a man who hunts killer beasts, and accidently falls in love with one.