Here are the top 10 anime girls that we have found from top anime shows and series. Whether they have an innocent appeal, or they are all out hardcore sexy, these girls have what it takes to make a real man want them.

  1. Revy. Revy from the show "The Black Lagoon" is a sexy bounty hunter that wears a short shirt, short jean shorts, and double wields pistols. 

  2. Faye Valentine. Faye Valentine from "Cowboy Bebop" wears skimpy clothes while bounty hunting. She constantly has a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, and her short temper makes her one sexy fox. 

  3. Chii. Chii from the show "Chobits" gets all of her sex appeal from the fact that she is a robot. Found naked in an alley, Chii has shape shifting abilities and will assist any need of her owner.  

  4. Enma Ai. Enma Ai is the main character from the show, "Hell Girl." Enma's appeal comes from her tattooed body and her mysterious aura. Though Enma's body looks like one of an angel, this "Hell Girl" is anything but innocent.

  5. Sailer Moon. The female character Sailor Moon from the show "Sailor Moon" is the main character and has been one of the most popular anime girls in America for years. Her superhero attire largely supports the majority of her sex appeal. 

  6. Jasmine. Jasmin from the show "Pokemon" is spunky and happy all the time. Her feisty hair and her flirty attitude makes Pokemon fans swoon at just a glance.

  7. Bell Dandy. Bell Dandy from "Ah! My Goddess" is a strong young woman who is the main character's love interest. She is not only beautiful, but she is loyal, nurturing and innocent as well. 

  8. Narusegawa naru. Narusegawa naru from "Love Hina" is known for her fiery temper towards the other main character in the show. She has a smokin' hot body, which was exposed in the beginning of the season when she woke up from a nude fall on top of another person and cannot remember anything in her life before then. 

  9. Machi. Machi from the show "Hunter x Hunter" is the strongest woman on the show and doesn't show much emotion at all. She is very heartless, but it is half of her appeal. 

  10. Saya Otonashi. Saya Otonashi from the show "Blood +"  is a beautiful Asian woman that wears a school girl outfit and kills with deadly precision with samurai swords.