Interested in knowing what the top 10 anime films are? The top ten anime films transcend animation and are true masterpieces. These anime films have become instant classics and continue to be enjoyed again and again.

  1. “Fist of the North Star”. They sure don't make anime like this anymore. Part love story, part comedy and all action, the movie is set in a post-apocalyptic future where a legendary warrior battles an evil warlord. It was so good, some Hollywood bigwig decided to produce a live-action version. Unfortunately, that sucked big time.

  2. “Ghost in the Shell”. Set in a future where cybernetic technology and powerful supercomputers dominate while humans live in a virtual world. Nope, not the “Matrix”. “Ghost in the Shell” was actually released long before the Keanu Reeves flicks.

  3. “Princes Mononoke”. Studio Ghibli is probably Japan's version of Disney. Directed by the legendary Hayao Mayazaki, “Princess Mononoke” tells of a conflict between the forest and a large mining colony.

  4. “Ponyo”. Yet another classic from Studio Ghibli, “Ponyo” is a unique retelling of the “Little Mermaid”. A goldfish wishes to be human and be with the boy she dearly loves. Released in 2008, the movie had an impressive opening weekend in the United States.

  5. “Ninja Scroll”. This is good, old-fashioned ninja action. Set in feudal Japan, a ninja-for-hire is drawn int fighting an old enemy bent on taking over the land. This is the perfect film for the older crowd. Younger audiences should be kept away because of some very risque scenes. 

  6. “Ranma ½: The Movie”. For those who follow the series, the first full-length feature was an excellent treat. While it was not in the official Ranma continuity, the film offered fans some good action and a lot of laughs. Ranma is basically the adventures of a young man who turns into a woman when doused with cold water and switches back to a man when exposed to hot water.  

  7. “Oh My Goddess”. While must guys shy away from romantic flicks, this anime film is a favorite among both sexes. This classic is about a college student who unknowingly calls upon a goddess and falls in love with her soon after. Although this love-story was released over ten years ago, DVD and Blu-ray releases continue to get picked up my eager fans.

  8. “X”. The animation is simply breathtaking. Admittedly, this anime film is a little tough to follow as the plot of this magnificent fantasy classic can get convoluted at times. Here, two opposing band of sorcerers and warriors are in conflict. One side seeks to bring about the end of the world and the other side tries to stop them.

  9. “Perfect Blue”. A retired singer is stalked by a mysterious fan. Her sense of reality slowly goes on a downward spiral as she tries to make sense of it all. Although the animation feels rather dated at times, the story just sucks audiences in. This is perhaps the best horror-suspense anime film.

  10. “Akira”. A bike gang member turns into a hideous, psionic creature. Two kids and a group of telepaths try to stop the rampaging creature from destroying the world. It is extremely difficult to talk about anime without talking about “Akira”. This is probably the film that hooked most fans into anime. Even now, there are so many pop culture references to "Akira". For the die-hard anime fan, this is the pinnacle of Japanese animation.