It’s time to kick some ass with the top ten anime fights.  They combine the best of traditional animation art with the technology that and will make you wish that you had ass kicking super powers too.

  1. Yuske vs Sensui- As two of the best characters from the show “Yu Yu Hakusho” it goes with saying that these two have had some epic battles. Seeing Yuske take an energy ball beating only to rally with volley of fists is a killer piece of animation.

  2. Spike vs Vicious- Of all of the amazing fight scenes that “Cowboy Bebop” has, it’s Spike taking on Vicious and his army of gangsters in “Ballad of Fallen Angels” that is one of the top ten anime fights. Spike takes on a barrage of bullets and henchmen until he goes to go head-to-head

  3. Inuyasha vs Sesshomaru- In this one our top ten anime fights Inuyasha and his older brother Sesshomaru battle it out for possession of their dad’s demon blade. This battle is one of the first times in the series where we see Inuyasha fuel up to full demon from and hand his older brother a beating that he won’t soon forget.

  4. Wrath vs Gluttony- Giving the seven deadly sins personas is what makes “Full Metal Alchemist” an awesome show. Compared to the massive beast that is Gluttony, it looks like tiny Wrath doesn’t have much of chance. But what Wrath lacks in size he defiantly makes up for in cunning. In the end it is a battle of wills, who will win; the insatiable appetite of Gluttony or the rage of Wrath?

  5. Vash vs Knives- Being that “Trigun” is a anime about futuristic cowboys, it goes without saying that there are plenty of contenders for the top ten anime fights in the show’s history. But the one that takes the cake is the final battle between Vash and Knives. Just when it looks like Knives has the drop on Vash, he manages to turn the battle around and win the day.

  6. Cain vs Abel- Once you peel back the layers of priests and vampires “Trinity Blood” is a retelling of the history’s first murder—the Old Testament story of Cain and Abel—only in this version we get to see the brothers battle it out in the forms on angels and demons.

  7. Kenshiro vs Raoh- Since everything about “Fists of the North Star” leads up to ass kicking and heads exploding, it was tempting to make the entire top ten anime fights list nothing but “Fists of the North Star”. But of all the battles on this show the final showdown between Kenshrio and Raoh is awesome because it is an epic battle between characters whose skills are evenly matched. Making the head explosion at the end of the battle that much better.

  8. Goku vs Majian Vegeta-”Dragon Ball Z” probably has some of the longest fight scenes in the history of anime. Luckily this one of the top ten anime fights is so epic you won’t notice the time. What makes this anime battle amazing is that after ten minutes of blowing each other up, slamming into cliffs, punching and kicking neither man has a hair out of place.

  9. Kaneda vs Tetsuo- You can’t talk about the top ten anime fights without talking about the final scene in “Akira”. By this time in the film it’s pretty clear that Tetsuo is no longer himself, and is a slave to the power that is growing inside of him. But despite his best friend morphing into a giant pink ball of horror Kaneda is ready to against this demon ball with nothing but a pistol and balls of steel.

  10. Goku vs Frieza- The second "Dragon Ball Z" fight to make the list of the top ten anime fights, this fight is awesome because of the fast action punch scenes are animated and the part where Goku punches Frieza so hard in the gut he spits blood.