The Top 10 Anime Fight Scenes are bloody, no-holds barred battles on an epic scale, as only anime battles can be. While there are several note-worthy anime fight scenes, there are ten that were heads and shoulders above the rest.

  1. Alucard vs Alexander Anderson - "Hellsing" - What can be said about a fight between a vampire and a priest?  A lot, when the vampire is actually a indestructible force, packing heat and the priest is a crazed fanatic with regenerating power and an endless supply of bayonets.  Grand fun to watch, especially since the two characters get such joy out of beating the living (or un-living) crap out of each other.

  2. Chun Li vs. Vega - "Street Fighter II" - We've all played the game, but this anime based on it, out-did any of our moves as these two face off each other in a small hotel room.  Plenty of gravity defying, booty kicking fun all set to a heavy metal soundtrack with Chun-Li proving that nobody should mess with the ladies, man. 

  3. Mephisto vs. Snake Demon - "Demon City Shinjuku" - A laconic anti-hero, Mephisto somehow manages to save the day while keeping his cool during this fight with a snake temptress.  And we now know what happens when you mix beer and a strong acid.  Ka-boom!

  4. Genma vs Jubei - "Ninja Scroll" - Head-butting someone to their final resting place.  It doesn't get any more brutal than that.  An excellent anime fight scene from an excellent anime film.

  5. Parn and Ghim  vs. Karla  - "Record of Lodoss War" - The final battle comes together in this anime fight scene from the early 90'sA great classic fight between good and evil, what more could you want?

  6. Spike vs Vicious - "Cowboy Beebop" - A blood feud a long time coming with a lot of pistol-packing, sword-wielding,  glass shattering fun.  It ain't easy being a bounty hunter on Mars.  But somebody's gotta do it.  One of the top anime battles from one of the top modern animes.

  7. Goku & Vegeta VS Kid Buu - "Dragon Ball Z"  - Okay, so the character don't look all that frightening and it's got that "super-deformed" anime thing going on.  Those Dragon-ballers can still kick a lot of tail and do so, in this great fight scene.

  8. Kenshiro Vs Raoh - "Fist of the North Star" - They just don't make 'em like this anymore.  This classic anime has one of the classic ol' fashioned fight scenes of all time.  No CGI effects or fancy moves, here.  Just all brute.

  9. Yusuke vs Toguro - "Yu Yu Hakusho" - The last round of the dark tournament is a doozy in this anime battleIt's David vs. Goliath and you just know who will come out on top.   

  10. Luffy vs Rob Lucci - "One Piece" - On paper, Luffy sounds like a cute boy, who just happened to gain the powers of elasticity after eating mystic fruit.  But this fight proves that Luffy is one tough hombre.  This wonderfully fun fight scene contains all that we love about anime; fantastic powers, super-fast punches and bone-breaking fun.