Subliminal Messages In Disney Movies

Friday, September 2 by E. Newman


The subliminal message in this Disney movie is once again related to sex. The character of Aladdin can be heard saying "good teenagers take off your clothes." This is one of the subliminal messages that caused a great degree of controversy for the film studio.

Jessica Rabbit Spreads Her Legs 

In "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" the already sexed-up character of Jessica Rabbit is reportedly seen revealing her unclothed private parts. The scene occurs when the character is thrown from a taxi cab and her dress gets thrown above her waist. Supposedly the character is not wearing underwear while she is seated in a position that forces her to have her legs spread apart.

"The Rescuers" 

This subliminal message features a topless woman in the background. While the mice Bernard and Bianca are busy flying, a silhouette of a topless model appears in one of the windows. Controversy over the subliminal message in the movie caused Disney to recall the VHS version of the film.

"Beauty and the Beast" 

This is another Disney movie that contains subliminal messages related to sex. There are also claims that the movie contains messages related to the occult. Images of a skull and devil horn signs are reportedly evident in some of the scenes involving stain glass windows.

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