Subliminal Messages In Disney Movies

Friday, September 2 by E. Newman

Many subliminal messages in Disney Movies have been discovered and questioned. The majority of them relate to sexual or phallic references. Some are questionable, while others are more obvious.

"The Hunchback of Notre Dame" 

This subliminal message has more to do with promoting other Disney Movies. In one of the scenes, main characters can be seen roaming the grounds of the bell tower in Paris. Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" as well as Simba from "The Lion King" are some of the featured background characters.

Sex in "Pocahontas" 

The word sex is supposedly seen and visible throughout many of the scenes in this Disney movie. The word sex appears several times within the animated drawings of smoke and water. The subliminal message is seen coming out of chimneys and smoke rings.

"Little Mermaid's" Palace 

This is one of Disney's more infamous subliminal messages. It is featured on the cover art for the VHS version of "The Little Mermaid." Within the palace's structure is a male penis, which is clearly seen in the center of the structure. Controversy forced the revision of the film's cover art.

The Minister with an Erection 

There's another subliminal message in Disney's "The Little Mermaid." This time the minister that attempts to marry Eric and Ursula gets a visible erection during the ceremony. Some critics have countered the accusation, saying that what appears to be an erection is really a drawing of the minister's knee.

"The Lion King" 

Here's another subliminal message related to the word sex. When Simba starts to go to sleep on a cliff in this Disney movie, the word "sex" can be seen hovering above him in a cloud. Some have debated that the word doesn't spell "sex" but rather "sfx" instead.

"Donald Duck"

This popular Disney character supposedly makes a racist comment in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Many would agree that the character is hard to understand. Some experts, however claim that the character states "God damn stupid niger."

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