Pixar has made several memorable characters, but one of the most memorable casts would have to be "The Incredibles" characters. "The Incredibles" was one of the most well received family movies in the company’s history because of its ability to appeal to everyone in the family. It seems as if every fan has their own different favorite Incredibles characterB elow is a list of the top five "Incredibles" characters.


The baby of the family is usually at the top of the list of favorite Incredibles characters. He is listed as the fifteenth most popular character of all of the Pixar’s characters according to Empire magazine. He also has the most super powers of the entire Parr family. He can shapeshift, has the ability to fly, has laser vision and can teleport. Apparently he has even more powers, but they have not been shown or spoken of as of yet. He is cute and is up there with Superman in sheer amount of powers, which is why Jack-Jack is at the top of the list when it comes to "Incredibles" characters.


Better known as Lucius Best, Frozone is a superhero that was voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. He secretly goes out with Mr. Incredible and fights crime when being a superhero becomes illegal at the beginning of the movie. Frozone has the ability to freeze water, as well as moisture floating around in the air. He has an amazing set of snow boots that can turn into ice skates, skis and discs he uses to snowboard with.


The teenage daughter of the Parr family, Violet is a moody and dark kid. She can create forcefields and turn invisible. Inside of the forcefields there is an antigravitational effect that allows her to lift and carry really heavy objects. She and her brother, Dash, have a combo attack called the Incrediball. She forms a forcefield, and Dash uses his speed abilities to knock her around like a cannonball.


The mother of the Parr family, Helen Parr is voiced by Holly Hunter. She is one of the funnier characters in the movie, as she acts like a typical over protective mother. She really cares about her family and taking care of her home, but is far from being a weak house wife. As her name implies, Elastigirl can stretch, contort and bend in any way that she wants. In a way she can stretch her body into different objects. as well as shrink and expand. In one part of the movie, she turns herself into a raft after the family crashes into the ocean.


The main bad guy in the movie, Syndrome (voiced by Jason Lee) does not have any super powers, but is a mad scientist. He creates many robots and gadgets, and has a secret libratory on an island where he performs his evil deeds. He, at one point, wants to become Mr. Incredibles sidekick. In the movie, he has become upset with Mr. Incredible, and basically wants to kill off all of the supers and then replace them as the normal citizen’s new hero.