You must admit that the "Shrek" characters are rather entertaining. Where else can you find a grouchy ogre, annoying donkey and narcissistic can fighting side by side to protect their beloved, ninja-fighting princess from a midget tyrant?  Shrek, that is where. Here is a list of your favorite characters from this family film.

Princess Fiona:

It's hard to imagine that the beautiful princess Shrek rescued was really an ogre deep down inside. A curse placed on Fiona as a child changed her from a hottie in the day to a nottie in the evening. Only true love could change her permanently back to a human princess. Unfortunately, she fell in love with an ogre. Well, if love's true form is a green hulking creature of mythology, maybe she should just stay locked in the tower. Aside from this shocking fact, Fiona is one mean gal. She’s not your average, whimpering princess. Once out of confinement, she can whip anybody’s butt in fairytale land.


He’s the main "Shrek" character in the movies. Shrek was feared and hunted until he fell in love with Fiona. After rescuing her from the tower, he decided to move on. But, fate brought them back together and gave them three cute ogre babies. After settling down, Shrek wasn’t feeling life as a family man. He missed the adventures, scaring the crap out of the kingdom and wallowing in mud. With the help of his friends and Fiona’s love, he managed to save the day and appreciate his family.


Donkey is the Shrek character’s best friend and ally. He’s also annoying, loud and loves to sing every song known to man. After falling in love with Dragon, this furry donkey settled down. Yes, he fell in love with a dragon. The fact that they had little donkey-dragon hybrid babies defies all logic. Anyway, Donkey is a crazy character you can’t miss.

Puss in Boots:

This is not your average house cat Puss in Boots can melt your heart with his adorable gaze, and then rip it out with his sharp claws. He’s a suave fighter who enjoys a warm bowl of milk at the end of the day.


As one of the evil villains in the movies, this character in Shrek is ridiculously ugly and conniving. He’s known as a trickster and liar. If you don’t read the fine print written on his contracts, you could be in real trouble. Shrek found that out the hard way. Thanks to Shrek, Rumpelstiltskin got what was coming to him.

The “Shrek” movies don’t get old no matter how many times you watch them. Okay, forget “Shrek the Third”. That one doesn’t count.