"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is the classic Disney animated movie that introduced the famous seven dwarfs names to the world. The title of the movie is familiar to many people and most people can name a couple of the dwarves, but it's rare when a person can list all of the dwarfs in one sitting. Here is a little cheat sheet that will help you remember the seven dwarfs names and a little bit about each dwarf.

Dopey Dopey is one of the more common dwarfs and the dwarf most people recognize. His oversized costume, huge ears and bulbous nose make him funny to look at and watch on screen.

Grumpy Everyone knows someone that matches the Grumpy's character. He is another one of the more popular dwarfs and he seems to also be a favorite of the children that see the movie. When Snow White turns Grumpy's cold heart warm, it is something to remember.

Doc Doc is the more confusing of the seven dwarfs because he really isn't any kind of caregiver. Doc worries a lot and he tries to play the father figure to all of the dwarves, but he is more of a loveable klutz than anything else.

Sneezy Sneezy is the easiest character to figure out based on his name. He sneezes a lot and usually at the most inopportune moments.

Happy Another easy character to figure out is Happy. He always has a smile on his face and a laugh in his voice. The only time Happy loses his smile is when Snow White falls prey to the wicked Queen's apple.

Bashful Bashful glows from his constant blushing of being embarassed. When Snow White shows him any attention, he turns away and becomes shy, but when Snow White needs Bashful to be brave, he breaks his character and flies into action.

Sleepy Sleepy is the dwarf that is stuck in his own perpetual Sunday morning. He is constantly rubbing his eyes as though he just got out of bed and he never wants to do anything. Sleepy and Dopey are two of the dwarves that seem to drive Grumpy crazy.