Get ready to wipe a tear from your eye with these sad anime movies. If it’s a topic that pulls at the heart strings, then these sad anime movies cover it; orphaned kids living through the horrors of war, star crossed and long lost lovers, even the cruelty of testing on animals. By the time you’re done with these sad anime movies you’ll be crying like a new born baby.

“Grave of the Fireflies” (1988)

If you’re looking for a sad anime movie, look no further than this anime classic. Set at the height of World War II Japan, it’s a gut wrenching story about two kids who find themselves orphaned and abandoned as Japan implodes around them. Through bombs and bodies the pair struggle to find shelter and keep themselves fed with only the light of the fireflies to keep them entertained.

“Five Centimeters Per Second” (2007) 

Through a series of interconnected stories, this sad anime movie is about love, loss and everything that could have been. Takaki and Akari meet in elementary school and through the years become close friends. But the bonds of friendship and love are no match for the passage of time and the cruel will of fate. As the pair grows older their friendship is strained as they both wonder how it could of been if they could have stayed together.

“Voices of a Distant Star” (2003)

If this sad anime movie doesn’t bring a tear to your eye you may want to check your pulse, because you may be dead. When an alien force attacks Earth, love and duty collide. Mikako does his civic duty and takes his place amon the fighter pilots to take on the invaders, leaving the love of his life behind on Earth. The lovers are able to keep in touch via text message for a while but the farther Mikako gets from Earth, the harder it is for them to stay in contact. If you’ve ever had a long distance relationship, this sad anime movie will really tear you up.

“Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” (1999) 

Love and guilt collide in this sad anime movie. A member of an elite para-military force, Fuse is guilt ridden after seeing a young woman commit suicide by self-detonation while he is on duty. Suspended from duty, Fuse attempts to assuage his guilt by finding out everything he can about the dead girl. His fact finding mission leads him to the girl's sister and the tragic beginnings of a love affair marred by violence and politics.

“The Plague Dogs” (1982) 

This sad anime movie will touch your soft spot for animals while making an animal rights statement. It chonicles the adventures of two dogs who escape from a lab and are hunted because they’re possibl carriers of bubonic plauge. Watching these two dogs running for their lives to escape from their captors will make you wonder about the efficacy of animal testing as you wipe the tears from your eyes.

- Sameerah Blue