Pixar short films first introduced people to the animation house's creativity and innovation before the huge motion pictures captured the kid in so many fans. Their accomplishments gave Disney a run for their money from "Toy Story" to "The Incredibles." Pixar has come a long way from a small time animation studio about snow globes and lamps to box office blockbusters. Parents cannot live without a few of Pixar's titles on the shelf to play for their kids. These sampler show that Pixar can bring it in short films as well as full length motion pictures.

"Knick Knack" A snowman stuck in a snow globe realizes life looks a whole lot better on the outside than behind the glass dome. His extra motivation comes in the shape of a buxom mermaid in another snow globe. The short film was Pixar's homage to old school Chuck Jones cartoons with silly looking knick knacks rooting for the snowman to escape the snow globe.

"Luxo Jr." Two lamps walk into a room with a little ball, but this isn't some sort of bar joke at the expense of Pixar's fans. A baby lamp plays with a ball much to the chagrin of the bigger parent lamp. When the ball explodes, the little lamp runs off only to find a bigger ball to play with! There's a parent-child story that make people never look at lamps the same way again.

"Jack Jack Attack" A deleted scene from Pixar's motion picture, "The Incredibles" made for a zany short film for fans to enjoy. Adventures in babysitting only begin to explain poor Kari's situation as she realizes the baby hides a super powered secret. Director Brad Bird omitted the babysitter's torment as he wanted to reveal the baby's powers at the end, but it provided fans with a nice little bonus.

"Geri's Game" An old man takes split personality to a whole new level by taking on himself in a chess game at the park. Each turn shows an energetic foe overmatching the other like a mirro fighting itself. A nice little twist at the end of Pixar's short film illustrates the company's inventiveness as a simple game turns into a clever battle of wits.  

"Tin Toy" Some people refer to babies as little monsters and for this one small toy, Tinny, that can be no bigger truth for Pixar's short film. Despite the fear, the musical toy faces the baby head on because his passion is to bring joy. The film feature cutting edge animation with the baby character that helps win another Best Animated Short Film Oscar.