"Peter Pan" characters take you back to your childhood. "Peter Pan," the classic 1953 Disney film about the boy who wouldn't grow up, is one of those cartoon movies you still see on TV today. Based on the book by J.M. Barrie, "Peter Pan" is an enduring fairy tale with memorable characters.

"Peter Pan": Voiced by actor Bobby Driscoll, Peter is the leader of the Lost Boys, a group of children who will never grow old and live happily in an enchanted place called Neverland. Peter, enthralled by a young girl in the real world who tells her young brothers stories about Peter every night, decides to fly Wendy and her brothers to Neverland so they can stay young forever too. His plan goes awry as he must deal with his Neverland nemesis, the evil Captain Hook.

"Captain Hook:" Captain Hook, voiced by Han Conried, is the leader of a band of pirates in Neverland's waters. He lost his hand to Peter during a fight and has been looking for revenge ever since. Throughout the film, Hook only shows fear when he sees the crocodile that ate his hand after it fell into the water.

"Tinkerbell": Peter's tiny fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell, is fiercely devoted to him but jealous of his obvious affection for the human girl, Wendy. She does not speak in the 1953 film, but her movements are sounded with light bells.

"Wendy": Wendy Darling's storytelling is what attracted Peter to the Darling residence to being with. Despite all of the wonders in Neverland, Wendy ultimately decides to return home, much to Peter's disappointment.

"The Lost Boys": A group name that refers to a large stable of characters, including Tootles and Nibs, the boys are children who were "lost" by their parents and live free from rules in Neverland under Peter Pan.