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It’s OK to admit that “Up” made you cry—99 percent of the population did too (and the other one percent lied). Plus, animated films have gained mass cinematic respect thanks to the success of just about every Disney Pixar movie made so far. Not that it matters to the animation fanatics at Screen Junkies. From stop motion to claymation, 3D to rotoscoping, all types of animation grace our best-of lists.

10 Best Anime Movies
Sunday, February 13 by Haliyma Barrow

The 10 best anime movies can and will be widely debated due to the enormous fan base and the ever improving quality and storylines. The one thing which is not…

Top 10 Anime Girls
Friday, February 11 by tiffanie ice

Here are the top 10 anime girls that we have found from top anime shows and series. Whether they have an innocent appeal, or they are all out hardcore sexy,…

Top 10 Animation Movies
Friday, February 11 by Houlihan Macaco

The top 10 animation movies are either funny, bizarre or just plain enchanting. Most of the animation movies below will have one or more of these qualities. Below are some…

Top 5 Samurai Anime Movies
Thursday, January 27 by Spyder Collins

This article of the top five samurai anime movies is based on sales and opinion. What makes a top samurai movie to one person isn’t something another would enjoy. The basics…

10 Best Cartoon Movies
Sunday, January 23 by David Boston

The top 10 best cartoon movies is an important list in the movie industry. With the advent of new technology, the film industry has gained a lot of power to…

10 Best 3D Animated Movies
Saturday, January 22 by BWalter

There are so many, how do you choose the ten best 3D animated movies? 3D animated movies have really become popular in the year 2000. Who doesn’t like a good…

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