If you're looking for nude cartoons in movies, unfortunately you won't find many titles of American origin. Cheer up buckaroo, there's no reason to get sad just because American films don't really show nude cartoons in them. There's a whole host of Japanese Anime you can choose from that are packed full of nude cartoons. There's so many titles with nude cartoons in them, you couldn't possibly see them all. That's ok, who wants to see all the nude cartoons in movies? No one. You want to see the BEST movies with nude cartoons in them. And here they are. Check out these nude cartoons in movies.

  1. "Cool World"  This over the top flick is about a sexy comic strip cartoon seductress by the name of Holli Would. She's trying to escape from the cartoon world into the real world. Unfortunately she never quite makes it here. What a shame. She was super sexy, and played by Kim Basinger, who is also super sexy by the way. Anyway, she doesn't make it to the real world but you do get to enjoy some cartoon nudity. Yes!

  2. "Urotsukidoji: Legend of the overfiend"   This movie ain't nothing but and nude cartoons. It's about a race of sex driven demons bent on getting into the humans' world and overpopulating it. This movie is full of sex scenes, demon on woman, woman on woman, hell, even demon on demon and woman. Oh and the demons even wield certain genitals as weapons as well. Yeah, this movie is nuts, but there's a lot of nude cartoons in this flick.

  3. "Ninja Scroll"  Yeah, this movie has naked cartoons in it, but the story is bad ass. It's about a Ninja for hire that teams up with a government agent to kill a group of demon warriors bent on taking over the land. There's a lot of sex and naked cartoons. There's even a scene where a young woman poisons a guy by having sex with him. But, the story itself is awesome. This isn't just a must see flick. It's a must own.

  4. "Wicked City"  Here's another movie with nude cartoons that just happens to be a great film. Demons from another dimension are trying to cross over into the human world and take over... again (what a surprise). Anyway, the action is top notch and the story is actually very well written and illustrated. There's a woman in the film that has sex with people then spits webs from her vagina and eats them later. Yes, you read right.

  5. "A Scanner Darkly"  This animation over live action film is about an undercover agent that begins to loose his mind,and his identity because of some new controlled substance. There is no real scene of nude cartoons in the film, but one part does show a recording of two people having sex. Why is this film on the list. Well, the story is really good. Why else?