If you're looking for the hottest animation around, then you need to see some of these naked cartoons in movies. The following naked cartoons in movies blend some great Western and Eastern flavors to make an awesome list any animation fan would love. While they might seem odd at first, these naked cartoons in movies are sure to please more mature audiences with their signature styles and plot lines. Try out some of these naked cartoons in movies to finally prove to yourself that not all cartoons are for kids.

  1. "Beowulf." One of the most highly-anticipated films of all time, this ambitious piece of animation took Hollywood actors and transformed them into frighteningly-realistic CG versions of themselves in this classic tale of man mates with beast. At the center is Grendel's mother, played by a seductively-perfect Angelina Jolie. Bathed in golden skin and wearing nothing but a tail, she's one of the best naked cartoons in movies because she just looks so damn real.

  2. "Bible Black." Even if you're not a fan of hentai, this is one of the best naked cartoons in movies. A group of students start a secret club that causes their entire college campus to erupt in lust-filled orgies filled with hot student bodies and even a few demons! Featuring some of the best animation we've seen out of Japan, there are more than enough spin-off series to keep you satiated for a long time.

  3. "Heavy Metal." This might be one of the longest music videos of all time, but it's also one of the best collections of naked cartoons in movies yet! The audience is transported to a magical parallel universe, complete with buxom barbarians and sexy robots. If you're a fan of a killer metal soundtrack and great animated boobs, don't pass up an opportunity to watch this classic film!

  4. “Urotsukidoji.” Yes, it’s another hentai film, but believe us when we say it’s one of the best examples of cartoon boobs in movies. An ancient evil known as The Overfiend threatens to erase all life from the planet and brings forth a pack of demons who are hell bent on raping every human in their path. For its sheer audacious sex scenes involving men, women, monsters, and everything in between, you should give this great anime a watch.

  5. “Ghost In The Shell.” In the future, mankind relies on cyborg detectives to solve the most high-tech crimes in the most populous cities, and Makoto is the best of the best. She also happens to solve most of her crime while half-naked, making her one of the best naked cartoons in movies. This is one of the entrants on the list that also happens to have an amazing plot, meaning that if you’re looking for something more than just boobs, give this one a try!

-Mishka Bulldozer