It might strike some as odd when they realize that a company that became huge creating comics has actually put out very few Marvel animated movies. Of course, Marvel has spent a huge portion of their time putting out really good live action movies so we can excuse the oddity. There are eight flicks that actually count as animated movies.

  1. "Hulk Vs." - This particular animated movie is actually two part episodic. The first episode features the Hulk taking on Wolverine, while the other episode is Hulk going head to head against Thor' target='_blank'>Thor-2' target='_blank'>Thor, the god of thunder.

  2. "Planet Hulk" - "Planet Hulk" explores the story line of Hulk being rocketed off the planet earth thanks to all the destruction he has caused. The green goliath ends up crashing on an alien planet, captured by the rulers of this planet and fights his way to freedom and eventual rule over this new planet.

  3. "Ultimate Avengers" - This particular movie features the entire avengers team, as they are assembled by the legendary General Fury. The team, made up of Captain American, The Hulk, Janet Pym (The Wasp) Iron Man, Black Widow and Thor take on an invading alien force.

  4. "The Invincible Iron Man" - This particular take on the Iron Man tale changes just a few things from the original background. In this particular animated story, Tony Stark is injured when he attempts to excavate an ancient Chinese temple.

  5. "Ultimate Avengers 2" - "Ultimate Avengers 2" is a continuation of the first movie which adds a new character to the mix. When the alien invaders head for an African nation the Avengers travel there and team up with Wakandan king, the Black Panther.

  6. "Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme" - This particular animated movie shows the backstory of Doctor Strange. Like many of the other backstories shown in the Marvel animated movies, the backstory is changed slightly but not enough to alter the hero.

  7. "Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow" - This particular tale is a different take on an old theme in the comic book world. In this movie, the children of the Avengers must learn how to control their powers in order to take on the evil that beat their once mega-powerful parents.

  8. "Thor: Tales Of Asgard" - This is the newest of the Marvel animated movies. In this particular tale, Thor begins a journey with Loki in order to find a sword lost in Thor's home of Asgard for years.

- Oliver VanDervoort