There are several different "Little Mermaid" characters that play a critical part in the story. Some of the "Little Mermaid" characters are human, some are mermaids (or mermen) and others are various types of animals that can be found under the sea as well as above. It is an interesting mix of types of characters as well as personalities that bring the story together well.

  1. Ariel – Ariel is the most important of the "Little Mermaid" characters because she is in fact the little mermaid. Because of her love of all things on land, she finds herself in love with a human man that she rescues from a boat crash. It is a classic case of ill-fated love.

  2. Eric – Eric is the most important human of the "Little Mermaid" characters. He believes the he has seen Ariel, but just can't be sure. However, he does remember her voice and wants to be able to find her again.

  3. King Triton – As Ariel's father, King Triton is less than thrilled when he finds that his daughter not only wants to be a part of the people on the land but has actually fallen in love with one. He sees them as barbaric and something to leave alone completely. Out of all of the "Little Mermaid" characters, he commands the most respect as he is the King of the Ocean.

  4. Ursala – As the villain of the "Little Mermaid" characters, she strikes fear in most of the creatures of the ocean, with the exception of King Triton. She sees Ariel's desire to be human and grants her that request in exchange for her beautiful voice. In the end, she too takes to the land and looks to destroy Ariel and get back at her father for something done in the past.

  5. Sebastian – Sebastian is the only "Little Mermaid" character that is a crab. He is an assistant to King Triton and also directs the choir made up of his daughters. At some point he is put in charge of finding out just what Ariel is up to. He shares King Triton's opinion that Ariel has no business with the humans.

  6. Flounder – Flounder is a fish and would be considered Ariel's best friend. He is by her side as she looks to get out of singing performances and tends to get in trouble right along with her.

  7. Scuttle – As a sea gull, Scuttle claims to have massive amounts of knowledge about the humans. As Ariel finds different artifacts, she brings them to Scuttle to attempt to find out more about them. Unfortunately, Scuttle is one "Little Mermaid" character that is rarely right. He told her a fork was called a “dingle-hopper” and was used to brush hair.

Each of the "Little Mermaid" characters interact together to tell the tale of a love that is stronger than even the separation of land and sea.

- Angela Sauber