The list of Pixar films currently stands at eleven completed full length projects. Pixar has garnered many awards, fans and boatloads of cash during it's ride to the top on the American animation market. Today Pixar is part of the Disney franchise because they were smart enough to acquire rather than compete.  

  1. "Toy Story" Much of the success of Pixar films is due to love of the popular “Toy Story” series. There are now three films that each feature a bunch of toys people seem to feel nostalgic about. The “Toy Story”franchise has mass appeal that works across the all segments of the population. Kids love it because it is animated, older people like it because they played with the featured toys as kids and college kids like it because they are high. Every single one of them.

  2. "Monsters Inc." Another big star on the list of Pixar films is “Monsters, Inc.” A nice stab at dry corporate life for monsters who are tasked to scare kids. This one keeps parents happy with the usual work place humor while also pleasing children because the workers are all surreal looking monsters.

  3. "Finding Nemo" “Finding Nemo” is one of the most beloved movies on the list of Pixar films. This one pulled the old “Bambi” trick and had momm taken out in the beginning and then went modern on you with a single dad raising a kid. Or a fish. Underwater sea life and Pixar animation was a perfect match. Combine that with a well thought out plot and it is easy to see why “Finding Nemo” is one of Pixar's biggest earners.

  4. "Wall-E" ”Wall-E” at it's core is a love story between two robots and takes place in the shattered remains of our collapsed civilization. It is also a poke at American throw away culture, obesity and our blind reliance on questionable forms of technology. This one did pretty good on the list of Pixar films in regards to box office receipts but also enjoys a healthy second life for cynical college kids majoring in environmental studies.

  5. "The Incredibles" “The Incredibles” works the family appeal angle by using the tried and true recipe of animated family hijinks. This concept has worked perfectly since “The Flintstones.” Like all Pixar films in this list, there is of course a twist. The family hijinks is fueled by superpowers.

  6. "Cars" To hit the widest segment of the population, Pixar films added “Cars” to it's list of blockbusters. Americans love their cars and this movie allowed audiences to explore this phenomenon while also making use of pretty much every hillbilly stereotype you can think of.

  7. "A Bug's Life" Much like fish, animated insects make great use of Pixar's technology due to their wide and varied forms. “A Bug's Life” will always be a fan favorite on the list of Pixar films though it was not exactly one of the best performers at the box office. The reason for it's success after it left theaters was a well thought out plot that combines elements of old samurai films with a twisted version of Aesop's "The Ant and the Grasshopper."

  8. "Ratatouille" America's love of cooking shows, cooking blogs, cooking magazines and overindulgence definitely helped “Ratatouille” climb to the top of the list of popular Pixar films. But it was also featured a clever well thought out plot and engaging characters. In fact, it won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

  9. "Up" This list of Pixar films also contains one for the romantic in all of us. “Up” is one of those films that is working your emotions on so many levels it leaves you completely drained but also happy at the end. Besides the theme of undying love, this Pixar film features a cranky old man, a talking dog and a fat kid floating across the sky in a house suspended from hundreds of balloons.