The list of anime movies for guys is a collection of everything a guy may want in a movie. All the elements a man would want in a film are in this list of anime movies for guys. All the action, adventure and horror a man needs can be enjoyed in any and all of the movies in this list.

  1. "Akira"  “Akira” is the reason most anime fans jumped into the anime bandwagon in the first place. The film follows Shotaro Kaneda, a biker gang member who tries to stop a crazed psionic from unleashing destruction on Neo-Tokyo. A remastered edition in Blu-ray format of this groundbreaking, cult classic was made available in 2009.

  2. "Fist of the North Star"  With over-the-top violence, this anime flick may be one of the bloodiest movies ever released. Viewers are presented with an alternate future where mankind tries to survive after a nuclear holocaust. They live in fear as powerful warlords dominate the land. A mysterious wanderer named Kenshirô tries to help the oppressed using his formidable fighting abilities.

  3. "Grave of the Firefly" Admittedly, “Grave of the Firefly” lacks the overflowing adrenaline present in the other anime movies in this list. It is however, incredibly depressing that most females would probably quit watching twenty minutes into the film. Two siblings in wartime Japan tries to survive after their mother gets killed in an air raid. Their circumstances go from bad to worse even as they try to just get by.

  4. "Ninja Scroll"  Released in 1993, the movie remains as fresh as ever. A wandering ninja suddenly finds himself involved in a conflict against powerful forces. Viewers need to be extra careful to keep minors away from the television not just due to the gratuitous violence but also because of the intense sexual scenes.

  5. "Perfect Blue"  Perfect Blue is extremely creepy. It may even be one of the scariest anime movies ever. Those who watch the film become just as confused as the protagonist as her sense of reality is turned upside down. To make things worse, her mysterious stalker may turn out to be not of this world.

  6. "Vampire Hunter D"  Forget those sissy vampire movies your girlfriend loves to watch. Vampires don't get more frightening as the creatures in Vampire Hunter D. A young woman is bitten by an ancient vampire. To prevent her transformation, she asks a vampire hunter to slay the blood sucker.

  7. "Cowboy Bebop"  This movie succeeds in blending two distinctly different genres. Based on the successful television series, Cowboy Bebop follows a motley group of bounty hunters as they travel through space hunting down their targets. It was released in 2001 by Bandai.

  8. "Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie"  Don't bother watching that crappy Jean-Claude Van Damme version of this movie and pick up this animation feature film instead. Guys who have followed the “Street Fighter” games throughout the years should be familiar with the characters. The movie basically focuses on Ryu who tries to hone his martial arts skills by challenging other fighting masters.

  9. "Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture”  Another popular video game adaptation, Fatal Fury follows the exploits of Andy and Terry Bogard as they try to stop a powerful villain. The voluptuous Mai Shiranui and the tough Joe Higashi joins the two brothers. Two follow-up films were released direct-to-video.

  10. “Ghost in the Shell”  With the world becoming more and more information oriented, humans need to be constantly connected into the network. Crime becomes even more sophisticated so cyborgs are employed to weed out criminal elements. The movie proved to be so successful that a follow-up anime series was produced and released soon after.