This classic children's movie introduced viewers to the "Land Before Time" characters for the first time, many of whom would reprise their roles in the nine movies and a television series that followed. "The Land Before Time" was an animated feature directed by Don Bluth that was released in 1988. In the original movie, five orphaned young dinosaurs journey to the Great Valley, a fabled land where they will be delivered from the danger of starvation in their drought-stricken world.

  1. Littlefoot. Littlefoot is the main protagonist of the "Land Before Time" franchise. The Apatosaurus becomes a leader for the other "Land Before Time" characters as his determination and will drive him to pursue his goal of reaching the Great Valley at all costs and against all odds.

  2. Littlefoot's Mother. Littlefoot's mother is a loving "longneck," who sacrifices herself to save Littlefoot from "Sharptooth," the original movie's antagonist, a vicious Tyrannosaurus.

  3. Littlefoot's Father. Littlefoot's father, Bron, doesn't make an appearance until the tenth movie of the "Land Before Time" franchise, "Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration." His appearance solves the mystery of his absence in the previous storylines.

  4. Cera. Cera is a plucky, stubborn Triceratops who does her best to put on a show of bravery in front of other, but deep down she has a sweet and loyal personality. Cera is the first of the original "Land Before Time" characters to join Littlefoot on his quest.

  5. Ducky. Ducky is an adorable Parasurolophus with a tendancy to add reduntant "yeps" and "nos" in her speech. Ducky is brave and loyal, despite her small size, and proves to be an asset on the trip to the Great Valley in the first movie.

  6. Spike. Spike, the Stegosaurus, is just a baby when he is found by Littlefoot and company in the original "Land Before Time" movie. Large and slow, Spike is rarely heard speaking or making a sound.

  7. Petrie. A Pteranodon, Petrie speaks in an endearing pidgin dialect and panics at the thought of flying- or doing just about anything. Petrie is one of the original "Land Before Time" characters.

  8. Chomper. Chomper is a bilingual Tyrannosaurus who, unlike other "Sharptooths" in the series, is an ally to Littlefoot and company. He appears in some of the "Land Before Time" movies and the TV series.

  9. Ruby. Ruby appears as a new "Land Before Time" character in the TV series. She is a bright pink dinosaur who has a tendancy to repeat her sentences forward and backward.

  10. Sharptooth. Sharptooth is the main antagonist in the original "Land Before Time" movie. He mortally wounds Littlefoot's mother and comes back to terrorize the remaining "Land Before Time" characters later in their journey to the Great Valley.