If you plan to follow the half demon hero and his friends through all of their adventures, you’ll need to add these Inuyasha movies to your viewing agenda. Although they debuted between 2001 and 2004 in Japan, these anime flicks have made their way to American shores.

“Affections Touching Across Time." The first Inuyasha movie debuted in 2001. Director Toshiya Shinohara leads anime fans through an intriguing story that pits the heroic Inuyasha against the villainous Menomaru. What exactly does Menomaru have against the hero? The answer rests 200 years prior to the events of the movie – a time when Inuyasha’s father defeated Hyoga, Menomaru’s father. Menomaru now seeks to unseal and inherit his father’s demonic power.

“The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.” Toshiya Shinohara also directed this 2002 Inuyasha movie. At the outset of this adventure, Inuyasha and his friends succeed in defeating their arch nemesis Naraku. Just as the group of heroes splits up, a new threat rises. Kagura and Kanna, Naraku’s incarnations, seek to unleash Kaguya, a dangerous entity who resides within a magical mirror. Once Kaguya is free, she intends to stop the flow of time forever. While this may strike you as bad news, there is a silver lining. The appearance of this new enemy brings Inuyasha and his friends back into the fray – together again.

“Swords of an Honorable Ruler." The opening scene of this Inuyasha movie depicts a battle between Inuyasha’s father and a man who was in love with Inuyasha’s mother. Years later, the Sounga, the very sword that Inuyasha’s father used during the battle, winds up in the hands of Kagome’s family. Unfortunately, the family fails to notice that there is more to this sword than just a pretty hilt and sharp blade. The Sounga has the power to possess those around it. In other words, this sword wields the wielder. The heroes rush to foil the sword’s evil ambitions in Shinohara’s third Inuyasha movie, which debuted in 2003.

“Fire on the Mystic Island.” The fourth Inuyasha movie surfaced in 2004, once again under the direction of Shinohara. In this story, Inuyasha and his friends travel to Horai Island. This island is no luxurious resort spot. In fact, it’s under attack by Four War Gods. The villagers beg for help, so it’s only natural for the heroes to lend a hand. Inuyasha’s crew battles legendary foes in the final movie of the series. 

-SHeldon Reid