The rumored hidden messages in Disney movies have been a source of debates for many years. Many of the best hidden messages in Disney movies are adamantly denied by the Disney Company as being anything beyond a coincidence or imagination. You can decide whether or not you think these messages were intentional on the part of a Disney employee or if it is a coincidence!

  1. The penis-shaped tower on the cover of “The Little Mermaid” VHS. When the original VHS version of this beloved Disney classic hit the shelves, a phallic-shaped tower existed on the underwater castle. Later versions of the VHS film had this offending spire redrawn on the cover.

  2. The minister with a questionable bump in “The Little Mermaid.” There is a questionable bump, often suggested to be a penis, in the pelvic region of the minister performing Eric and Ursula’s wedding at the end of the film. Later in the film, the same character is seen without his robes, with predominant knees and bent legs.

  3. S-E-X spelled in dust particles during “The Lion King.” During “The Lion King,” adult Simba is beneath a starry sky and when he walks to the ledge and plops to the ground, a cloud of dust floats into the sky. Supposedly, “sex” is clearly visible when the film is paused at the right moment.

  4. S-E-X spelled in leaves during “Pocahontas.” Several scenes are reported to include “sex” written somewhere in the screen. During one scene, in which Pocahontas and John Smith join hands in a whirlwind of leaves, viewers reported reading “sex” spelled-out in the debris. Patterns in smoke spelling “sex” are also commonly discussed.

  5. An audible hidden message in Disney’s “Aladdin.” This hit film has the most famous rumor of an audible hidden message in a Disney movie to its credit, which occurs midway through the film when Aladdin attempts to shoo Rajah, Jasmine’s tiger. The line heard is supposedly “Good teenagers take off your clothes” in a voice different from the voice actor of Aladdin.

  6. A topless woman in a window during “The Rescuers” flight. In the original version, Bernard and Bianca board are flying and during take-off they descend rapidly towards the earth past a backdrop of illuminated windows. In one of these windows, there is a topless woman—who isn’t a cartoon—in full view and clearly visible when the film is slowed down and paused.

  7. Unexpected cameos in “The Hunchback of Norte Dame.” During the shots of the city, Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” is walking through the streets with a book, a man is shaking the magic carpet from “Aladdin” and two citizens are carrying Pumba from “The Lion King.” Are these hidden messages to watch the other films?

  8. Jessica Rabbit flashes viewers during a scene in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” This hidden message in a Disney movie is a clip which is only two frames in length, but it clearly reveals Jessica’s lady parts. When the taxi she was riding in with “Edie” hits a lamp post, she is thrown from the vehicle. Her famous red dress flies open, revealing that Mrs. Rabbit is going commando.

  9. Is there a racial slur from Donald Duck in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Fans of this film, which combines both cartoons and actors, have been in a heated debate over this audio hidden message since the film’s release. In a scene where Daffy and Donald are on stage having a duel as piano performers, many listeners report hearing Donald use a racial slur against Daffy amidst his usual gibberish.

  10. Is “Beauty and the Beast” full of hidden messages? Like most of the examples on this list debates and reports from fans of the film have discussed the occult symbols and flashes of S-E-X written in obscure ways throughout this Disney classic. For example, in the extended version of the film, when Gaston falls to his death from the castle turret, a skull is visible in both of his pupils.