The canon of Japanese animation can be daunting simply because there is many movies to watch, so here are some good anime to watch if you're looking to get into the art form. The following films encapsulate a lot of what there is in good anime to watch, while remaining shining examples of the form. If you're not into any of the films on this list, there probably isn't good anime to watch for you.

  1. "Akira" This film is regarded as the shining example of good anime to watch and is often seen as the crowning achievement of the form. The story of experiments on a young member of a biker punk gang in post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo, the movie is full of action, intense visuals, sci-fi elements and a strange sense of mysticism. If you're unfamiliar with Japanese animation and looking for good anime to watch, this is the perfect place to start. The only problem is that not many films, anime or otherwise, match its grand scale and visual beauty.

  2. "Ninja Scroll" This film is on the martial arts end of the anime spectrum and is a good anime to watch for fans of ninjas, swordplay and other such adventure stories. The tale of Jubei, a wandering ninja caught between warring clans, is a classic archetype and easy to follow for new fans of the genre. There are sex, violence, romance and supernatural occurrences galore in this sensational film.

  3. "Grave of the Fireflies" On the far other end of the spectrum of good anime to watch is "Grave of the Fireflies," the story of two orphaned children trying to survive during World War II. Far more serious and genuinely heartbreaking, this anime movie shows that good anime to watch is not all about adventure and explosions; it can be about emotional filmmaking as well.

  4. "Howl's Moving castle" A Disney-styled children's story with a Japanese twist, "Howl's Moving Castle" is good anime to watch with the whole family. The story of a child searching for the cure to a witch's curse, it follows the same story structure as any quest story, but it's the details that matter. The moving castle of the title, which belongs to a wizard, may be able to cure the curse if he can get over his lack of confidence in his own abilities. The film closes out our list of good anime to watch on a fun, happy note.