Funny cartoon movies for kids are becoming more and more prevalent these days, as studios are realizing they can make a large amount of money off these films, due to the fact that both parents and kids can attend and be entertained. Due to this, studios like Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney are producing more and more funny cartoon movies for kids to see, hoping to draw in the parents as well.

  1. "Up." One of the most original films from Pixar, "Up" is both a funny cartoon movie for kids and a heartfelt story about life for viewers of all ages. A man whose wife dies attaches a ton of balloons to his house which causes it to float away, leading him on an exciting adventure. It's tough to not love a film that makes you feel just about everything.

  2. "Surf's Up." A fun, funny cartoon movie for kids about penguins who also surf. In the movie, we go behind-the-scenes of the penguin surfing championships. What's not to love about that?

  3. "Ice Age." An original tale about animals who are surviving the Ice Age on Earth, this funny cartoon movie for kids has been so popular that it has spawned a number of hilarious sequels, for parents and their kids alike to love. One of the best parts is the endless quest for a prehistoric squirrel trying to get a precious nut that he has buried.

  4. "Shrek." An animated fantasy film that has modern comedy and the voices of stars like Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy, "Shrek" is one of the highest grossing animated films ever made, spawning numerous sequels, many of which are unwatchable. However, the original is a very good and very funny cartoon movie for kids, even though a large green ogre and a talking donkey are its main characters.

  5. "Toy Story." Unlike the "Shrek" series, every "Toy Story" movie has been incredibly well-made on all fronts. This funny cartoon movie for kids follow old toys who are trying to win the affection of their original owner back. But this is what Pixar does, striving for perfection and not a huge return at the box office, or so we are led to believe. "Toy Story" is one of the best funny cartoon movies for kids ever made and the second and third installments are almost as good.

  6. "The Incredibles." Another gem from Pixar does their take on the superhero genre, adding all the elements that exist in any film to a wonderfully funny and entertaining  story. The story follows a family of superheroes who have since settled down to live the middle-American family life when suddenly they must don their capes and costumes once again. What's even more entertaining is that the kids in the family, even the baby, must get involved and use their super powers to help save the day. This may be the perfect funny cartoon movie for kids.