If you are a fan of anime, you may want some ideas of funny anime movies.  There are many different subgenres of anime, but funny anime movies have universal appeal.  Not long ago, anime was a media form not well known in the United States; now it has become part of our culture too.  We can thank Japan for introducing us to their version of animation and these funny anime movies.

  1. “Tenchi Muyo: In Love”. The "Tenchi" franchise is about as big as they come, so no list of funny anime movies would be complete without mentioning something from the series, this entry was released in 1996.  “Tenchi Muyo: In Love,” like most of the releases from the franchise, mixes romantic comedy with action, horror and sci-fi in a way that really captivates the audience.  The best-known character from the series is Ryo Ohki, the half-cat, half-rabbit that transforms into a spaceship.

  2. “Ah My Goddess: The Movie”. "Ah My Goddess" is one of the funny anime movies that are appealing to women and men. In 2000, Anime International Company released the film, as part of a continuing story that started in manga and was continued in televised anime.  The story centers on a group of modern day goddesses and their quest to save the world.

  3. “Pom Poko”. Somewhat of a classic as far as funny anime movies go, "Pom Poko" saw release in Japan in 1994. The film centers on a group of talking raccoons (or raccoon dogs as the Japanese know them as.) This film is hilarious but at the same time presents a message about conservation.

  4. “The Cat Returns”. This is a Japanese children’s film from 2002 and is along the same vein as "Alice in Wonderland". The story follows a young girl who can talk to cats who winds up spending time in the cat kingdom after she saves a mysterious cat from certain death. There are many humorous parts, making this a great addition to your collection of funny anime movies.

  5. “Read or Die OVA”. The final entry on our list of funny anime movies is also part of a larger franchise. "Read or Die" focuses on a bookworm and her quest to save the world by saving literature and culture in general. This is not an anime comedy, but rather a great story that has just enough funny parts in it to keep you laughing.