The Fairy Tale Anime films are a series of Japanese Manga stories by Hiro Mashima.  This highly popular series follows the adventures of Lucy Heartfilia of the Fairy Tail guild and Natsu Dragneel, who is searching for the dragon Igneel.  

"Fairy Law" In this 65th episode of the series and sees the classic battle between good and evil magic between Makarov and Jose.  Jose’s magic is evil while Makarov’s is good and healing.  This Fairy Tale Anime film culminates with a battle between Makarov and Jose as Makarov calls forth Fairy Law.  The battle between Jose and Makarov has stunning animation.


In this 66th episode of the Fairy Tale Anime film, we see the aftermath of the light of Fairy Law.  The guild is in ruins and everyone is confident they can rebuild it.  Meanwhile the relationship between Makarov and Lucy develops.  This film’s revelation about Makarov and Lucy’s relationship added a surprising twist to the story.

"My Resolve" This episode shows the guild in the process of rebuilding with everyone having fun at it.  It is reveals that Loke has a dislike for Celestial Wizards.  The plot takes a new turn when Lucy is not found in her home and the rest of the gang decides to look for her.

"Farewell"  In this Fairy Tale Anime Film, Lucy has returned to her home.  To her disappointment, her father reveals that he wants to marry her off to a rich boy.  Disgusted, Lucy renounces her relationship with her family and decides to leave home.  She drops off to see her mother’s grave, during that time; the rest of the Fairy Tale team catches up with her.

"Next Generation" The Fairy Tale Team has returned and is found to be innocent of the Phantom Lord Incident by the council.  The team of Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Erza and Gray settle down to take on jobs.  The plot develops further when Mirajane comes and informs Mkarov that Erza’s team has gone and destroyed half a city.

"Frederic and Yanderica"  This is the 70th episode of the Fairy Tale Anime film.  At the guild, Lucy is sad at the destruction they have caused and even more so that the reward they earned has to go towards the rebuilding.  They decide to use their powers to create a show for the audiences.  Things bungle up and they end up destroying the set too.  Despite the comical consequences, the audience was thoroughly entertained.  This film had some great comedic elements that was really funny.

"Night of the Balsam" This episode of the Fairy Tale Anime film sees the team taking a short holiday in Balsam.  Balsam turned out to be a beautiful place.  Two criminals immobilize Lucy but Loke comes to save her.  As Lucy tried to get to the truths as to what happened to Loke and the celestial wizard.  He reveals that he does not have much longer to live.


"The Lone Star That Can't Return to the Sky"  In this episode, Lucy discovered that Loke was lying about him having a short time to live.  This angers Lucy and she later finds out that Loke has been ending all his relationship with a lot of girls.  At the end of this Fairy Tale Anime film, Lucy finds out that Loke is actually an animal spirit whose owner has died.  He is overdue to return to the spirit world with his owner.

"The Year 781: Blue Pegasus".  This episode brings us back to the past to see how Loke’s owner, Karen died.  Eventually, when Lucy fully understands the story, Loke slowly disappears to the spirit world.  Lucy vows to go to the spirit world to get Loke back.  This film had an emotional turn with the loss of Loke that added to the complete story element of the Fairy Tale Anime series.

"The Stellar Spirit King".  This episode of the Fairy Tale Anime film sees Lucy resisting the departure of Loke.  The Celestial Spirit King appears to see what this commotion is and hears Lucy plea for her friend Loke.  The King is touched and allows Loke permission to return to the Spirit world.  Loke thanks Lucy and returns to the spirit world.