Fairy tale anime movies is a phrase that is somewhat contradictory on the surface. Technically, anime refers to a style of animation, and fairy tales refer to a literary genre. Many people mistakenly feel that Anime is a distinctively Japanese phenomenon. Nevertheless, such items do exist. Do not expect an extensive list as anime fairy tales involves crossing genres.

"Ponyo" (2008).

This recent Disney by Hiyao Miyazaki film involves a gold fish that can change into a human or something like that. A noted Anime film maker made this recent Disney film in an Anime style. He is, it is important to remember, Japanese.

"Princess Mononoke" (1997)

Sometimes called the “Star Wars” of anime, this fim by Hiyao Miyazaki does not quite live up to the thrill of the battles between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. The film is more about a change of world views that occurred about the time the Industrial revolution made it to Japan.

"Sky Crawlers.

The reader is probably asking, “What this film by Mamoru Oshi is doing on this list?" However, the themes remain classic. You have immortal children whose sole purpose is to fight in mock battles to keep the peace. Never mind that the premise doesn't quite work. The viewer is taken through stories of love, lust, romance and camaraderie. Perhaps Anime Fairy Tales has been confused with military science fiction in this case. At its core, once the planes are stripped away, "Sky Crawlers" is a fairy tale

"Grimm's Fairy Tale Classic"

If One Piece did not convince you that Japanese animators should never be allowed to touch a quintessentially Western idea, Grimm's Fairy Tales done over in Anime will. For all of the problems with the film, the anime is true to the dark nature of these tales in the way that Disney is not. Kerrigan Mahan and Hiroshi Saito contributed to this series.


In this lates 70s anime, we see Tom Bosley voicing a gnome and fighting Nazis. It helps if you watch this movie while high on marijuana or a similar substance. Follow it up with "The Wall."

Sadly, a person has to stretch a list of Anime fairy tales to even make it worthwhile for the short attention span of Internet readers. Even though there are not anime fairy tales, a user can still find plenty of magic and urban fantasy outside of it.

-Shawn Landis