These five characters from “Aladdin” are very memorable. This Disney classic is based on the Arab folktale of Aladdin and the magic lamp found in “One Thousand and One Nights.” The story is one of Disney’s best because of these great characters.

Aladdin Who else could be number one than the title character himself? Aladdin was born a “street rat” but aspired to be more. By chance, he runs into the princess on the streets and falls in love. With the help of his genie and his friends, he looks to take advantage of the chance of a lifetime. Aladdin is not only the protagonist of the story but is the character that is easiest to relate to. He is the one central character who is not a disciple of wealth or a supernatural entity. He is an individual who, despite his challenges, is able to keep to the moral high ground and push forward. Aladdin is a terrific character for young children to emulate.

Princess Jasmine Jasmine is the princess in “Aladdin.” Born the daughter of the wealthy sultan of Agrabah, she has had all the wealth and advantages in life that Aladdin has dreamt of. However, wealth has not made her happy and she runs away from the palace. Princess Jasmine is a great character for little girls to admire because she, too, is morally strong and proves that wealth and power are not the key to happiness.

Genie How can you not love this character? Voiced by Robin Williams, this character supplies much of the hilarity and excitement in “Aladdin.” After being released from the lamp by Aladdin, the Genie uses his magic to help Aladdin on his quest to marry the princess and be something more than a peasant.  

Jafar Jafar is the antagonist of “Aladdin.” A classic Disney villain, Jafar is pure evil. Concerned solely with his own desires and controlled by greed, this character is so easy to hate. This is also what makes him so good. Without Jafar, "Aladdin" would lack all its excitement and suspense.

Abu Abu is not only one of the cutest characters in “Aladdin,” but one of the cutest animals in any Disney movie. Abu is a kleptomaniac monkey who happens to be Aladdin’s best friend and companion. His actions and high pitched voice are quite amusing and his relationship with Aladdin is touching.