If you’re a fan of anime but hate sitting through subtitles, give these dubbed anime movies a try. Anyone who still says anime is just for kids has not seen some of these dubbed anime movies. A good anime has all of the passion, suspense, chaos and action of a live action movie, but because they’re animated, they are able to liberties that just aren’t possible in the realm of live action films.

“Perfect Blue”

If you’re a fan of sexy anime girls and psychological thrillers, this dubbed anime movie will be right up your street. Mima is a former pop star who has reinvented herself as a sexy TV actress. While the transformation has done wonders for her career, she didn’t expect to get a stalker out of her production deal. If she wants to find out who her stalker is and why he wants her dead, Mima must dive into the darkest and sexiest parts of her memory to unravel the mystery.

“Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade”

After seeing a young woman commit suicide in front of him, a shaken member of Japan’s para-military force is determined to find out everything he can about the girl. His search for information leads him to the girl’s sister and the two quickly become an item. But their newfound love is threatened by divisions between the government and the police. This dubbed anime movie may well be the ultimate tale of love, loss and destruction.

“Dead Leaves”

Where most animes try to being an element of reality to their style, this dubbed anime movie has a quirky and spastic style that may take a moment to get used to but is definitely worth the effort. After waking from a cryogenic sleep, Retro and Pandy have no memories of their past and now have unexplained super powers. The kids use their newfound strength to go one a crime spree in Tokyo, but are quickly captured and sentenced to a jail called “Dead Leaves.” But jail won’t keep this pair of crooks down for long as they immediately begin planning their escape.

“Assemble: Insert”

A fantastic spoof of '80s Japan and Japanese pop culture, this anime dubbed movie centers around the Demon Seeds; a Japanese street gang that uses their high tech suits to foil the police at every turn. But now the cops have a ne weapon in the form of an un-named female cop with superhuman strength.


This dubbed anime movie takes you back to England in the 1880s and the dawn of the Industrial Revolution as a brilliant young inventor named Ray has to protect his latest invention against a group of greedy investors.