Check out this Disney characters list for the top animated Disney personalities. Some are royalty while others are wild animals. The characters also include magical creatures and living toys. Review this list of cartoon characters if you want to relive your childhood. 

  1. Snow White This cartoon beauty was Disney’s first feature movie princess. She sang the memorable song, “One Day My Prince Will Come.” She was joined by other famous Disney characters like the Seven Dwarves and the Evil Queen.

  2. Pinocchio Another older Disney character, Pinocchio appeared in the film of the same name. He played a talking puppet who yearned to become a real boy and gains his wish by the end of the heartwarming tale.

  3. Ariel The famous mermaid is a Disney character from the film, “The Little Mermaid.” She plays an underwater princess who falls in love with a man. She switches fins for legs by making a deal with the evil octopus named Ursula.

  4. Simba A famous Disney character, Simba is a royal lion cub from “The Lion King.” He seeks his destiny with the aid of other classic Disney characters including Timon, Pumbaa, and his love, Nala.

  5. Alice This famous Disney movie is from the trippy classic, “Alice in Wonderland.” She plays the young British girl who stumbles down a rabbit hole and into a strange, upside-down world.

  6. Peter Pan From the classic fairy tale of the same name, this Disney character plays the forever youthful adventurer in green tights. He leads a group of siblings off to Neverland to battle nemesis Captain Hook.

  7. Belle This Disney princess is from the film, “Beauty and the Beast.” The Disney character plays a young woman who rescues her father, but becomes the castle prisoner of the Beast. She is a smart and resourceful bookworm.

  8. Aladdin This Disney character played a peasant turned king after he discovers a magical genie willing to grant him three wishes. His real goal is to win the heart of the beautiful princess named Jasmine. His character is lovable and endearing.

  9. Cinderella A blonde beauty, this damsel in distress played a Disney character who was forced to play servant to her evil stepmother and stepsisters. In the end, she wins the handsome prince with the aid of a few mice and a fairy godmother.

  10. Mickey Mouse Who can leave this famous mouse off a Disney character list? Although he hasn’t starred in any recent features, he is the spokesperson for all things Disney. He joins his famous friends, Minnie, Donald Duck, and Goofy.

-Layla Sinclair