DC animated movies haven’t really made a big splash in the realm of animation. DC Universe is the mirror to Marvel but the DC characters haven’t made as wide of a splash as Marvel. DC animated movies however are entertaining and for the DC fan a great way to explore your favorite characters more.

  1. “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies” A 2009 release that joins Superman and the legendary Batman in one film, is a must see event. Based on the “World’s Finest” comic book series, this film takes aim at a one billion dollar bounty placed on the head of Superman and Batman, by now President Lex Luther. The story arc chronicles the work of the two super heroes to advert an asteroid collision with earth that Luther has pinned on Superman.

  2. “Green Lantern: First Flight” The first full length GL movie and frankly it looks awesome. The animation is set in outer space (where else) and portrays Sinestro as a veteran cop and Hal Jordan as the rookie. All is fine until Sinestro betrays the force and Hal is put into play to bring him in. A very poor movie frankly that does the Green Lantern little justice. The movie does follow the creation of the Green lantern and the corps so from a purest standpoint the storyline is there.

  3. “Wonder Woman” Features some recognizable voice talents in Keri Russell as Wonder woman and Rosario Dawson as Artemis. The movie is about the actual creation of Wonder Woman. It follows the storyline of how Diana of Themyscira became recognized as a super hero. The story is entertaining, the animation well done and the fun factor is there. This is one of the better DC animated feature films.

  4. “Batman: Gotham Knight”The Dark Knight makes his animated movie premiere in the DC feature film. This film was released in 2008 and follows the times of Batman between 2005 and 2008. What makes this film so special is the use of Japanese anime to create the Dark Knight and the world his is emerged in. Capturing six different stories with six different artists and proclaimed a masterpiece and one could have a hard time arguing.

  5. “Justice League: The New Frontier” The evil entity Centre threatens earth and all mankind. It will take the efforts of the justice League to bring him down. Bringing together the biggest names in DC, The New Frontier sets forth a battle unlike any before in the DC Universe. Based on Darwyn Cooke’s graphic novel ‘The New Frontier’ the film captures the bases of the storyline in this full length feature film.

  6. “Superman: Doomsday” Arguably the favorite among the DC Universe, perhaps second to Batman but that is another article. This DC animated film pits Superman against Doomsday on a fight to the finish. The animation is old school but very nicely done. The film flows nicely with good voice over and direction. Not a bad offering by DC Universe and certainly something Superman fans will ant to see.