Crazy Anime Movies

Saturday, September 3 by Samantha Andrus

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Of all the crazy anime movies out there, only a small bunch might be worth your time if you’re looking for something good. This is because not all of them are breathtakingly amazing, and do not provide the right graphics. Finding the right anime movie for you and what you would like is essential and it can be done easily.

"Laputa Castle in the Sky."According a legend, humans were fascinated by the way of the sky and created sophisticated ways of lifting aircraft of any kind from the ground. This led them to build flying cities and fortresses in the sky. Due to a catastrophe most of these cities were destroyed and forced the people to live on the ground. Laputa was the only city to remain in the sky surrounded by thunder clouds.

"Kiki’s Delivery Service."The movie is set around a thirteen year old girl named Kiki who is a witch in training. She lives in a village where her mother works as a resident herbalist. By tradition, witches are supposed to live a year alone when they turn thirteen. Kiki and her friend Jiji the cat take off on their own to the big city.

"Princess Mononoke." The last Emishi prince named Ashitaka engages in a battle with Nago, the bore demon that keeps attacking his village. Ashitaka defeats the boar demon but wounds his arm. A wise woman from his village tells him that his wound is cursed and will spread to kill him. He sets off to find a cure for the curse.

"Whisper of the Heart." Shizuku Tsukishima, a junior high girl living in Tama New Town, looks through the checkout cards at her library and notices a weird pattern that each of her books has been checked out by the same person: Seiki Amasawa. She meets new people along the way, one of which is a boy who keeps picking on her.

"Howl’s Moving Castle." Sophie, a hatter, is a responsible, beautiful eighteen year old girl. When going to visit her sister, she meets a mysterious wizard named Howl who ends up liking her. This arouses the ire of the witch of the waste who wants to keep Howl’s heart for herself. She curses Sophie, and transforms her into an old woman. Sophie runs away because she cannot tell anyone what has happened to her. She befriends a scarecrow named Turnip Head and they also come across Howl’s castle.

"Akira." The 1988 Japanese cyberpunk animated science fiction film is set in a futuristic post war city named Neo Tokyo in the year of 2019. The story is mostly focuses on a biker gang member, Shotaro Kaneda. He is trying to stop Tetsuo Shima from releasing Akira. This is one of the landmarks in Japanese animation and film, and is a popular cult film. 

"The Cat Returns." "The Cat Returns" is a story about a girl named Haru who is shy, unassuming and quiet. She is high school student who has the ability to talk to cats although she suppresses this. She saves a dark colored, odd eyed cat from being hit by a vehicle on the high way. The cat that she saves is actually a prince named Lune who is the Prince of a Cat Kingdom. The cats bring her gifts of mice and catnip to show their thanks. The Prince offers her his hand in marriage, and her mixed reply in taken as a yes. 

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