Cartoon boys in movies come in all shapes and sizes. While most animated films are about animals, when a real boy is featured it helps make the movie seem grander to the children watching it. Whether they are explorers, school kids or outsiders, these boys bring out the adventure in all our imaginations.

  1. Hiccup – In one of the more recent examples of cartoon boys in movies, Hiccup is the son of a great Viking in “How to Train Your Dragon.” He wants to become a great Viking but soon befriends a dragon and helps lead the dragons to help battle alongside their natural enemies in Hiccup’s world.

  2. Andy – The true heart of the “Toy Story” movies is the boy Andy. In the first movie, he is a young boy who discovers new toys much to the dismay of his old ones. By the last movie, he is leaving for college in one of the most heartbreaking moments of an animated film.

  3. Russell – In “Up,” a young boy scout named Russell ends up in an odd-couple styled adventure with a cranky old man. The boy, suffering from an absentee father begins to connect with the old man as they are lost in the South American jungles looking for a missing pilot.

  4. Cartman – He started out as the most foul mouthed boy in television cartoons but, with “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut,” became the raunchiest cartoon boy in movies. In this film, Cartman and his friends battle Canada and Satan in this rambunctious animated musical.

  5. Aladdin – In this Disney movie, Aladdin is one of the most famous cartoon boys in movies. The character is a street kid who finds a magic lamp which grants him three wishes. While masquerading as a mysterious young prince, Aladdin meets the princess and falls in love.

  6. Dash Parr – In “The Incredibles,” a superhero couple gets married and retire from the business. They have three children, a daughter who can turn invisible, a son who can run fast and a newborn baby. When the dad gets into some trouble, it is up to Dash and his sister to help save the day.

  7. Pinocchio – While he starts off as just a toy, Pinocchio’s dream is to someday become a real boy. In only the second Disney animated movie, the studio created one of its most beloved classics. When the puppet set out to prove he deserved to be a real boy, it was one of the greatest coming-of-age stories in all of cinema.

  8. Mowgli – One of the best examples of cartoon boys in movies occurs in “The Jungle Book.” A young boy, Mowgli, is found in a basket in the jungle and is raised by a black panther. He soon become best friends with a fun-loving bear and must choose between his animal family and returning to the humans.

  9. Peter Pan – In one of the best examples of cartoon boys in movies, “Peter Pan” presents the boy who never wants to grow up. He leads a group of young boys in battle with the evil Captain Hook in this 1953 animated film. This is the final film animated by Disney’s classic lineup of the “Nine Old Men” animation team.

  10. Wybie – “Coraline” is about a girl who must discover whether she wants to live in the drab real world or an exciting fantasy world. However, there is a character that remains by her side in Wybie. He is the awkward young boy with no friends, who only wants to come along for the adventure.

-Shawn Lealos