If you like things a little sexier, then you're going to love some of these cartoon boobs in movies. The following selections feature some of the sexiest lines of pen and ink we've ever seen! These ladies definitely have some of the best cartoon boobs in movies, so be sure to put the kids to sleep before watching some of these films!

  1. "Cool World." In this under-appreciated film, the blonde bombshell Holli Would has some of the best cartoon boobs in movies. She oozes sexuality from her imagined curves and seductive voice, constantly cooing and purring at her cartoonist/creator in this twisted fantasy about animation coming to life. If you're looking for some great cartoon boobs in movies, this is a awesome stop for you.

  2. "Fritz The Cat." This might seem a little sick, considering that all the cartoon boobs in this movie belong to animals, but considering it involves plumbing the mind of pervert auteur Harry Crumb, we wouldn't have it any other way. You have plenty of cats doing the dirty in the female sector, which is a great way to seem some truly outrageous cartoon boobs in movies.

  3. "Heavy Metal." It's seen its homage in "South Park," and it has one of the best soundtracks of all time. You also get some of the best cartoon boobs in movies. In this metal-infused fantasy epic, you have sex slaves, female barbarians wearing little to nothing at all, and even robots with boobs. Sick and twisted in one breath, but utterly beautiful and nearing high art in the next, this is one movie you need to watch in the company of friends. Friends who all love to see some cartoon boobs in movies.

  4. "Heavy Traffic." If you're looking for some great cartoon boobs in movies, you'll love this product of the same director of "Fritz The Cat" and "Ren And Stimpy." This film follows artist Michael Corleone through a psychedelic trip of booze, religion, and women. The humor is dark and the sex scenes are gratuitous, making this one of the steamiest pieces of animated film we can recommend to you. 

  5. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." Two words: Jessica Rabbit. The product of many a pre-pubescent fantasy, you're not going to find a better instance of cartoon boobs in movies than her. With curves that would make a Formula One driver dizzy, she oozes equal parts Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe, she's a goddess of pen and paper. To make it even more naughty, she has one of the best quotes in the movie, letting out a simple, "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."