If you're interested in the popular 2006 Pixar animated film "Cars", then you should know the "Cars" movie characters. "Cars" has dozens of characters, both primary and secondary - each of which have their own personalities and custom animations.

  1. Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson). Lightning McQueen (also referred to as Stickers) is the main protagonist of "Cars." He starts off as an overconfident and talented race car, but after coming third in a race and getting lost in Radiator Springs en route to California, he learns important lessons such as friendship and teamwork, and falls in love with the town attorney, Sally Carrera.

  2. Mack (voiced by John Ratzenberger) is a super-liner truck who is one of Lightning McQueen's best friends even after the race he loses, and spends time trying to look for Lightning McQueen when he gets lost in Radiator Springs.

  3. Mater (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy) is an amiable and simple minded tow truck from Radiator Springs that befriends and supports Lightning throughout his stay in Radiator Springs, as well as during his final race, making him one of the most likable characters in the movie.

  4. Sally Carrera (voiced by Bonnie Hunt) is a royal blue Porsche who is the town attorney for Radiator Springs and is also Lightning McQueens love interest. Although she takes an initial aversion to Lightning, the pair eventually fall in love.

  5. Doc Hudson (voiced be Paul Newman) is a Hudson Hornet who was once one of the most famous and recognizable race cars to have lived (he won three piston cups) until a terrible crash put him out of the season. When he returned, he lost fanfare and quit his career to study medicine and live in Radiator Springs - where he runs Doc's clinic.

  6. Strip "The King" Weathers (voiced by Richard Petty) is a veteran race car who is initially Lightning McQueens rival race car, and beats him in the first race. In the last race of the movie, however - he suffers an injury that puts him out of his career, reminiscent of Doc Hudsons injury.

-Amber Gilani