In spite of the company’s reputation, the best Disney movies for guys have a lot of appeal to men. Even though Disney is famous for children’s movies, guys have some choices available when selecting a film from the Disney catalog.

  1. “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” If it weren’t for the famous theme park ride on which it’s based, you’d never suspect this 2003 release to be a Disney movie. Johnny Depp stars as a pirate captain on the run from the Royal Navy as he searches for his ship. With plenty of action and convincing special effects, guys won’t mind watching this Disney movie.

  2. “Tron” At the time of its release in 1982, this Disney movie was a technological wonder. Tech-savvy guys will appreciate Jeff Bridges’ performance in the story of a computer hacker who becomes trapped inside his own program. Featuring slick visuals and an inventive plot that holds up even today, this Disney movie has enough action and intrigue to satisfy any guy.

  3. “Toy Story” Tom Hanks and Tim Allen lend their voices to this 1995 Disney movie, providing talent and chemistry that’s unequaled in other animated films. The plot follows a group of sentient toys who take a trip outside the confines of the bedroom. Visually appealing, smart and genuinely funny, this Disney movie won’t disappoint guys.

  4. “Aladdin” As the most unlikely of the best Disney movies for guys, this 1992 film has one big plus on its side. Robin Williams is spectacular as the voice of Genie, who grants three wishes to street-rat Aladdin. Williams is in top form in this Disney movie, using his ample vocal ability to bring life and humor to the character. It’ll hold any guy’s attention.

  5. “National Treasure” If you’re a guy who’s a history buff, you’ll love this 2004 Disney movie. Nicholas Cage stars as a historian and cryptologist searching for a treasure hidden by America’s Founding Fathers. With lots of action-packed scenes and historical references, this Disney movie is a must-see for every guy.

  6. “Up” With an elderly curmudgeon and a chubby adolescent as the improbable protagonists, this 2009 Disney movie is unique from the very first glance. The pair of heroes embark on a journey to a legendary paradise in South America. When they arrive, things aren’t exactly what they seem. As one of the best Disney movies of all time, this creative and funny film has something for everyone, guys included.

  7. “Remember The Titans” Lots of guys consider Denzel Washington as a favorite actor, and it’s easy to see why in this 2000 Disney movie. Washington plays the coach of a racially divers high school football team in 1971. Tempers flare in town and on the field as Washington attempts to bring harmony and success to the team. With gripping emotional content and football-themed settings, this Disney movie has plenty of appeal for guys.

  8. “Cool Runnings” The most overlooked of the best Disney movies for guys, this 1993 comedy deserves any recognition it gets. The immortal John Candy plays the coach of the eccentric Jamaican bobsled team, who dream of an improbable Olympic bid. This Disney movie is all heart, with more than enough humor and action to satisfy guys.

  9. “The Game Plan” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays the arrogant quarterback of a playoff football team in this 2007 Disney movie for guys. Johnson’s character gets the surprise of his life when an eight-year-old girl shows up at his door, claiming to be his daughter. Guys will dig the hilarious fish-out-of-water scenarios as Johnson learns what it takes to be a father.

  10. “Miracle” Based on the unlikely Olympic run of the 1980 men’s US hockey team, this 2004 Disney movie isn’t short on drama. Kurt Russell stars as the team’s coach, leading them to victory over the heavily favored Soviet team. With its behind-the-scenes training sequences and masculine bravado, this Disney movie is perfect for any guy who’s a sports fan.