Some of the best anime movies for adults cover some very dark topics. There’s only so much darkness you can put into a movie before it’s too much for children. Never the less, anime is a genre that boasts some of the greatest movies of all time.

  1. "Wicked City." It’s a twisted, violent, dark, sexual anime movie for adults that follows two elite agents, one human, one demon, and their attempts to ensure a treaty signing between their worlds goes smoothly. There’s plenty of action and blood and sex but “Wicked City” still manages to be more then a pointless movie about sex. It keeps you guessing until the end and even after, you’ll probably watch it again.

  2. "Akira." This movie is by far one of the greatest anime movies ever made and while it might focus on teenagers, it isn’t the kind of movie a child should be watching. The hero and the villain are teenagers, one a member of neo-Tokyo biker gang, the other a psychopathic psychic child. The life of a teenager in a post nuclear Tokyo isn’t easy. Drugs, sex and law breaking are common themes. What makes “Akira” so powerful, however, is the battle between the protagonist and the antagonist, onc brothers in all but blood and now mortal enemies.

  3. "Blood:The Last Vampire." There’s no sex in “Blood:The Last Vampire” but there’s plenty of blood and some of the scariest vampires you’ll ever see in any movie. They’re hands down the most terrifying in any anime movie for adults, probably in any movie ever made. The star of “Blood” is Saya, a young woman who runs around in a schoolgirl uniform and who can wield a samurai sword with such skill that she can take down monsters twice her size. Don’t mistake the animated “Blood” with the live action version, the plots are completely different.

  4. "Cowboy Bebop." This anime movie doesn’t feature sex and gore the way most other adult anime movies do, but its complicated plot and underlying currents are hard for kids to catch. It’s a tragic tail of a group of futuristic bounty hunters, who despite their constant battle to move forward, never manage to escape their pasts.

  5.  "Ghost in the Shell." Questioning what it means to be human might be a little much for kids but it makes for great conversation among adults, making “Ghost in the Shell” and all its parts one of the best anime movies for adults. The idea of a human soul in a mechanical body is mind twister. Add in crime, corruption, plenty of action and characters struggling to understand what they are and you have a dramatic action movie that will keep any adult enthralled.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Rachel Fischer