The best animated movies of all time span the years, starting with the Disney classics and including more recent efforts from Pixar. These films tell stories that enthrall children while remaining smart enough to entertain adults as well. These are not just great cartoons, but great movies regardless of genre.

  1. “Toy Story” – Pixar proved they could make smart animated movies for adults and kids, changing the world of animation. One of the best animated movies of all time, “Toy Story” tells the story of abandonment, love and friendship as toys struggle when their owner grows older.

  2. “Wall E” – Pixar presented this film with limited dialogue telling the story of a robot cleaning up a world destroyed by pollution. Much of the movie shows the robot who cannot speak, but it still reached success thanks to the Pixar policy of making movies that are smart and cute.

  3. “UP” – In one of the best animated movies of all time, Pixar defied odds by making the lead character an elderly man. The opening presents one of the saddest moments in all animated movies and is then followed by a more kid friendly adventure in the wilderness of South America.

  4. “Pinocchio” – This classic Disney movie, featuring a puppet who dreams of being a real boy, is one of the best animated movies of all time. The movie features a smart script and great music but also some of the scariest scenes in a Disney film as Pinocchio is lost in a dangerous world.

  5. “Snow White” – Disney’s first animated feature film is one of the best animated movies of all time. Based on the Grimm fairy tales, "Snow White" is about a young princess who is banished into the woods by her evil stepmother where she in taken in by seven hard working dwarves.

  6. “Bambi” – Released in 1942, “Bambi” remains known as the Disney animated film that shockingly shows the murder of the hero’s mother at the hands of a hunter. One of the best animated movies of all time, “Bambi” tells the story of how the young deer makes it in life without the support of his mother.

  7. “The Lion King” – Following in the footsteps of “Bambi,” this animated movie shows the death of the hero’s father and puts the young cub out into the world alone. The movie is a retelling of the Shakespeare play “Hamlet.” The young lion must return and face off with his uncle, the creature responsible for his father’s death.

  8. “Aladdin” – This is a retelling of the Arabian nights stories, as a young street urchin finds a magical lamp that grants him three wishes. He uses the lamp to attempt to move into a position of power to woo over the beautiful princess. Robin Williams voices the character of the Genie.

  9. “The Lady and the Tramp” – This Disney movie tells the screwball love story of a rough dog from the other side of the tracks who falls in love with a pampered dog from the upscale world. This remains one of the best animated movies of all time as the two dogs do what they can to ensure their love will never die.

  10. “Beauty and the Beast” – This 1991 film is one of the best animated movies of all time and the last animated movie to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Picture until the category was expanded to ten films in 2009. Based on the fairy tale, a handsome prince is transformed into a beast and must make a woman fall in love with him to reverse the curse.

- Shawn Lealos